How to decorate a winter garden: ideas and advice for modern glass verandas

How to decorate a winter garden: ideas and advice for modern glass verandas

Having an outdoor space to enjoy even during the coldest months of the year is a dream that can be fulfilled by building a glass veranda in your garden or terrace. Who among us has never wanted to be totally surrounded by evocative natural scenery, perhaps during a nice snowfall, while staying protected indoors?
This is the inspiration behind the winter garden: initially born as a greenhouse with a glass roof, today it lends itself to different uses and no longer needs such a structure, which, especially in domestic settings, has given way to modern solutions like bioclimatic pergolas complemented by sliding glass doors. This way it is possible to obtain a place where domestic environments and the surrounding nature can meet and merge.

Whether you want to use it as a dining room, living room or simply a solarium, the winter garden can be made of different materials, decorating it according to your needs and tastes. So let's see how to furnish a winter garden.

Glass verandas: the ideal choice for your winter garden

While on the one hand wood and glass verandas represent a solution capable of giving the room a wonderful classic and natural style, on the other aluminium and glass verandas are the best option if you want to guarantee stability and resistance to the structure, as they give the covered garden a modern and customisable look, thanks also to the wide range of available colours.

As an alternative to the original glass roof, there are different outdoor covers that you can choose for your contemporary winter garden, like aluminium bioclimatic pergolas or Pergotenda® wooden or aluminium models with large sliding glass doors for a spectacular view of the outside.

In fact, bioclimatic pergolas and Pergotenda® models offer the benefit of being able to adjust the light intensity and regulate the air intake to match the lifestyles and functions of these spaces. The true strength of this outdoor space, typical of classic greenhouses, is the priceless view of the external world made possible by the transparency of the glass closures. In fact, all glass sliding doors, like The Glasses, besides letting your gaze roam freely across the surrounding landscape, allow natural light to enter and heat to be stored inside the environment.

Once the veranda has been built, all that will be left to do is to complete the winter garden, deciding how to use it.

Ideas and solutions for a beautiful winter garden

The modern winter garden, like verandas for balconies, is an extremely functional solution that allows you to transform an outdoor space into an area that can be used year round. Thanks to its original structure – external but adjacent to the house or the room – it can be used according to your specific needs. However, we must remember that since it is a meeting point between the indoor and outdoor spaces, the environment and furnishings must be as much as possible in harmony with the general style.

The winter garden: a versatile solution

If you are lucky enough to have plenty of space available, the ideal would be to turn the veranda into a living room or a cosy living room. In fact, the usually regular shapes of these glass verandas allow an easy arrangement of armchairs, sofas and carpets. On the contrary, if you have limited space it's advisable to choose just a few pieces of furniture that are not excessively bulky to leave ample space in the room and play with optical effects to offer a sense of spaciousness.

If the veranda is near the kitchen, a good solution for continuity is to use the winter garden as a dining room. Besides being able to enjoy a pleasant view during meals, it will allow you to have lunch or dinner outdoors during the summer simply by opening the sliding glass doors or the roof.

More informal solutions include the furnishing of a study area, a reading room or simply a room dedicated to home entertainment or children's games. The natural lighting coming from the outside will allow the performance of any activity during the daytime hours, while in the evening you can rely on one of the many outdoor lighting solutions to provide space for your time without limits.

Finally, the winter garden can also perform its original function as a greenhouse for growing flowers and plants suitable for enclosed environments and sensitive to cold temperatures.

Furnishing accessories for spectacular glass verandas

To make your winter garden a wonderful part of your home all you need is just a few tricks and the choice of the right furnishing accessories. For example, you could opt for neutral and pastel colours in order to create discrete environments, or, alternatively, choose shades that are perfectly in tune with those of the home's interiors.

Choosing minimalist furnishings with some carefully selected design pieces will bring out the best of your winter garden without sacrificing the view of the outside, the true protagonist of these glass verandas. Moreover, if you really want to create the idea of a harmonious environment bringing together indoors and outdoors, why not select the same types of plants and flowers both inside and outside the house? The choice of natural and versatile materials like wood allows creating a pleasant and relaxing environment with a classic style and a strong visual impact. Some examples? A large bleached wooden table with coordinated chairs, a sofa created with the use of pallets and soft cushions with strong colours or large vases with tall trees add a style that can blend in with the surrounding natural environment.

If on the other hand you want to add a more refined and romantic touch, the advice is to select some pieces in wrought iron, softened by fabrics with pastel shades.

A final enchanting idea: create a small green corner inside your winter garden with climbing plants like ivy, mandevilla – a beautiful plant with pink, yellow or red flowers – or the bougainvillea buttiana, a variety that is also suitable for apartments.

Whatever you plan to use your glass veranda for, the important thing is to unleash your creativity and your personal taste, always trying to maintain a sense of continuity with the rest of your home.

Now that we have given you some ideas on how to decorate a winter garden, why not take a look at the numerous Corradi solutions? With Ermetika® Cristal, for example, you can have the elegance and transparency of glass combined with the resistance of a strong PVC fabric. A guaranteed success.

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