How to choose the fabric for the outdoor space of your dreams

How to choose the fabric for the outdoor space of your dreams

Is it possible to experience the outdoors even in the fall and winter, enjoying the colour and weather changes in complete freedom? We think so, provided that you know how to close pergolas and gazebos in order to create a comfortable environment. An outdoor space that is not only practical and elegant, but that also meets specific technical and personal requirements: this is why the choice of fabric is critical.

Indeed, knowing the various features of outdoor fabrics makes it possible to achieve high performance in terms of protection depending on the thermal and climatic conditions inside and outside your outdoor space. So let's see the types of fabric available and, in particular, the advantages of PVC outdoor closures.

Outdoor fabrics: all the benefits

There are many benefits to carefully assessing the right fabric for outdoor spaces.

First, the fabric of external closures is key to providing safe and protected exposure to sunlight, helping to create pleasant shaded areas where you can spend relaxing hours even during the sunniest days.

Second, it guarantees privacy and intimacy, especially if you live in an apartment complex.
Last but not least, it's a design element that adds life to the outdoor space that you have always dreamed of.

A fabric for every need

Just like when cleaning awnings, the correct choice of fabrics to be used outdoors must take into account the differences in fibre, internal structure and colour.

Depending on the composition, fabrics can be made of synthetic or natural fibres. Synthetic fibres like acrylic or polyester guarantee impermeability and a high level of protection against atmospheric agents and tears. For this reason they are suitable for a wide range of weather conditions and are therefore best suited for humid climates with lots of precipitation.

In contrast, fabrics made of natural fibres like linen and cotton tend to be more subject to tearing and the formation of moulds and therefore are better suited to drier settings as they provide a cool and comfortable microclimate.

In the end, the weave is critical when it comes to choosing outdoor fabrics for closures. A darkening fabric with a thick weave is ideal during the summer to diminish the intensity of the sun's light, or in general if you live in an area with a temperate climate. The thicker the structure of the fibre, the greater its absorption of harmful UV rays.

Conversely, a filtering fabric is the ideal solution during the winter or in those regions with many hours of darkness or adverse weather conditions. In fact, a thinner fibre allows the little light to filter through, creating brighter and more comfortable environments.

Even colour plays a key role when choosing the best fabric for your outdoor space: darker colours have the advantage of screening out more UV rays, but at the same time they tend to absorb more heat than fabrics with lighter shades.

If you are undecided about what might be the solution that best suits your needs, an option that combines practicality, aesthetics and high performance in terms of protection is certainly that of using PVC outdoor closures.

PVC outdoor closures: the solution for every need

PVC is a material that is extremely resistant to weather, abrasions and impacts, as well as providing an excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. These features make it suitable for any type of climate and specific need.

Moreover, when transparent they allow you to enjoy the view of the surrounding landscape while letting in natural light from outside. Using PVC outdoor closures you will feel like you are outside while still remaining in a protected and sheltered place.

If you are intrigued by the idea of a beautiful outdoor view then The Fabric Ermetika is the right solution for you. It is a completely transparent vertical protection that keeps out the humidity and is guaranteed even in strong winds, giving you the feeling of always being outdoors. Corradi's selection of PVC outdoor closures also includes The Fabric Diffusa made of Glassrope, an exceptional glass fibre also used in aerospace engineering, which guarantees protection against weather, offers high air permeability and shielding of light, and resists tension and tearing.

If you are still unsure about what to choose, Corradi offers a wide range of solutions, even customisable ones like The Fabric Magiko, a vertical closure with a light and discreet structure that can be used on many Corradi products and even completely incorporated into them.

Choosing the right fabrics for outdoors is essential for creating the outdoor space of your dreams, employing versatile solutions that respond to a variety of needs.

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