Enjoy the sun without risk? Here's how to do it.

Enjoy the sun without risk? Here's how to do it.

After a long winter the summer has finally arrived, and with it a desire to spend more time outside, taking advantage of outdoor spaces even in the city for pleasant moments of relaxation, some spending time by themselves, some in company, some with a good book, others enjoying the sun. Corradi designs and develops solutions for outdoor living with the aim of providing space for time. Time that should be of the highest quality, so we cannot avoid having to deal with sun exposure and risks that "too much sun” can lead to, especially in terms of skin health and ageing.

So, how can we protect our skin from the sun, enjoying all the beauty that summer has to offer? Here are some tips.

Why do UV rays damage skin?

Numerous scientific studies have now shown the negative effects of UV rays, which act directly on the mitochondria, which are responsible for cellular respiration. Possible damages range from less skin elasticity to more serious problems, as confirmed by modern dermatology.

In particular, UVA rays are able to reach the deep dermis, causing the phenomenon of photoageing, while UVB can cause erythema and burns. Both kinds of rays also contribute to the onset of skin tumours.

Sun exposure: what are the risks?

According to dermatologists, the main risks of unfiltered sun exposure to the skin are:

  • Photoageing
  • Sunburn and dermatitis
  • Pigment changes
  • Melanoma

Photoageing is the result over time of exposure to sunlight and includes the appearance of wrinkles, discolouration (pigment changes, or spots where the skin colour changes) and dry skin. Furthermore, erythema (dermatitis) and burns may occur to the point of causing cellular changes with damage to DNA and the appearance of skin tumours, which is becoming more common, especially in people aged 45-50. The most recent data show about 3,150 new cases among men and 2,850 among women in Italy every year (especially basaliomas, the most widespread form, particularly among fair-skinned people, spinaliomas and melanomas, all effectively treatable if diagnosed early).

This is why paying attention to correct sun exposure is a fundamental preventive action, to protect your face and body and limit sun damage.

How to protect the skin from the sun?

Prevention when it comes to sun exposure is important as it helps to mitigate UV damage and allows healthy suntanning. So what are the fundamental rules to follow, recommended by dermatologists?

To limit the damage from sun exposure without losing the benefits, especially the production of vitamin D which is useful for the immune system and bone health, it is best to always use creams with sunscreens appropriate for your phototype, meaning high protection for people with light skin, and medium protection for darker skin, remembering to apply sunscreen several times a day, avoiding exposure during the middle of the day and also protecting children, elderly and pregnant women with appropriate clothing.

Even a healthy diet based on fruits and vegetables can help provide your body with powerful antioxidants, also useful to counter the effects of heat, for example for circulation problems.

Corradi technical fabrics resistant to the sun's rays

Corradi is committed to limiting the damage of long exposure through the use of technical fabrics, resistant and soft, but also designed specifically to protect against irradiation and to limit sun damage: Soltis 86 and Soltis W96 used for the Pergotenda® models and for the vertical screens, for example, are filtering fabrics that are resistant to bad weather and UV rays, therefore also offering protection from the heat. The same also goes for Eclissi, darkening fabric that thanks to a double black coating inside is able to totally block the passage of sunlight, while the special Tempotest® Starlight® fabric used for the Sun Sails is made to withstand salt, mould and UV rays.

This way Corradi's solutions for outdoor living become actual protective covers, to be chosen according to your needs, for example by exploiting the characteristics of bioclimatic pergolas: with their special adjustable blades, they let you adjust the air flow, but also the sunlight, to experience the outdoors in safety and comfort, in full harmony with nature.

Finally, let's not forget that getting a tan doesn't necessarily mean laying out in the sun, you can also get one riding a bike or playing an outdoor sport, so the rules for healthy sun exposure are valid in every outdoor environment...for a summer in the sun, without risks. To experience the outdoors without limits.

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