Outdoor pergolas: how to make the right choice

Outdoor pergolas: how to make the right choice

Choosing a pergola for your garden is the best way to enhance your outdoor space and spend pleasant moments in the open air, even at home. Before making this dream come true, within the reach of anyone who has a private garden space, it is necessary to define some factors. First, it is important to decide the purpose of the cover in the garden, so as to choose the right outdoor pergolas according to individual needs. Let's see how.

For example, you may need an outdoor pergola to spend time with family and friends, relax, cook or... work

For many people, their garden is the convivial place par excellence. However, for others it is an oasis to relax in, alone or with family members: a pergola is an excellent solution. In the first case, it will be necessary to evaluate the size of the structure, provide multiple seats and, if necessary, an area with a table and a worktop to create a functional outdoor kitchen. In the second, a small space will suffice, in which to add a comfortable workstation. 
Even in the event that the garden will be used as an en plain air office (particularly needed nowadays for remote working requirements), or the pergola will serve as a laboratory for the passionate gardener (which lies within all of us), a small size will be perfect. Once the purpose of the pergola has been established, the next step concerns its position. 

Position of the pergola: wall-mounted or self-supporting?

Not everyone has the freedom to choose the best location to install a pergola, because some areas of the garden have an uneven floor or there are not the right conditions to add a cover. If you can consider more alternatives, we recommend asking yourself this question: do you prefer a wall-mounted pergola or an elegant shelter in the garden? Distance from the house, in fact, is an essential factor, which affects the structural features of a pergola and its aesthetics. For those who do not have large spaces, the best solution is a wall-mounted pergola. Versatile, elegant and light in shape, this pergola is adaptable to any type of building. 
If, on the other hand, you have a larger garden, you can opt for a self-supporting pergola. This structure has the advantage of being able to be placed anywhere and create an independent as well as sheltered area, such as a living area. In both cases, Maestro Pergotenda® made of aluminium, is an ideal solution. This is a customisable and innovative cover. 

Aluminium or wood? Pergola materials

Once the type and the best position have been established, we need to choose the material. An important factor to take into account is the purpose of the pergola, i.e. the role it will play in the garden, without neglecting its aesthetics. The main options are aluminium and wood: 

  • aluminium is a lightweight and very robust material, ideal for refined environments and modern gardens. It has an essential design. Furthermore, it does not require special maintenance and can be customised. The same applies to our aluminium Pergotenda®, characterised with unmistakable and refined lines. 

  • wood is the romantic material par excellence, preferred by those who love shabby chic or vintage atmospheres. It conveys warmth to any environment; however, it requires greater maintenance. The Pergotenda® 45 by Corradi, for example, has all the naturalness of wood adding an elegant touch to your environments. 

The pergola cover: sliding canvas or adjustable blades?

The next step is the pergola cover. It can be fixed or movable, with retractable canvas or adjustable blades. The first option is made of acrylic fabric. This is very resistant, flexible and waterproof, all characteristics that distinguish every Corradi Pergotenda®. The blades, on the other hand, are the innovative solution that characterises the aluminium bioclimatic pergolas. They are adjustable sun shade covers able to create a comfortable environment during all seasons. The rotation and inclination of the blades, in fact, allow users to control sunlight and the wind, adjusting the temperature inside. Both the canvas and the blades can be motor-driven or handled manually. 

The finishing touch: accessories and lighting

At this point, you can add a touch of class to your pergola, such as a colour that perfectly matches your home or a sliding glass door, which allows the garden to be viewed. If you love lights, lighting is the real twist. This is the detail that will transform the outdoor space into a magical place, which can be enjoyed without time limits and in total freedom.  
Now that you have noted these factors, you can look for the outdoor pergolas of your dream.

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