Pergotenda® and materials: what are the features of wood and aluminium and which to choose?

Pergotenda® and materials: what are the features of wood and aluminium and which to choose?

Today in the world of outdoor furniture the term pergotenda is used in a generic way to identify a type of product consisting in a pergola structure covered by retractable canvas.

However, Pergotenda® is actually the registered trademark of a Corradi patent that created a whole new market. In fact, before its invention there was no product with a mobile stacking cover, so the brand not only comprises the name but also its unique and unrivalled technical specifications.

Current legislation refers to the pergotenda as a stable and durable element to make use of external spaces, features that make it essential to choose the right materials, taking into account the type of environment to be covered, the solidity of the structure and the function it will perform.

In addition to the many available customisations of the canvas, Corradi Pergotenda® models have the advantage of being suitable even for large spaces, like the B-Space version, designed for the needs of the commercial sector.

So let's take a more general look at the features of the pergotenda, the most used materials and their particular qualities.

Pergotenda: main materials and features

Corradi Pergotenda® models include simpler solutions that are particularly suited to gardens or private terraces, but also for outdoor spaces and custom solutions for restaurants, hotels and event venues that need to cover areas that are very large or with particular architectural features.

Depending on the size of the structure, the available space, the type of terrain and sun exposure, you can choose a wood pergotenda or an aluminium pergotenda.

These two materials differ mainly in appearance and maintenance, but also have different structural elements, like the size of the poles and crossbeams.

Let's take a look at the main differences between the pergotendas in wood and aluminium, among the most used and functional materials.

Wood pergotenda: natural and warm

Wood is a timeless classic, able to make every outdoor space warm and welcoming. In addition, its great aesthetic impact allows it to adapt perfectly to natural landscapes. After all, wood is a material that can blend with the surroundings in a manner that is harmonious and never intrusive.
Wood pergotendas are very durable, but it is important to remember that, unlike aluminium, wood requires both a treatment that protects it against atmospheric agents and maintenance.


In fact, twice a year it is necessary to treat the wood with a water-based impregnating agent, especially on the sides most exposed to UVA rays. When the maintenance is carried out after the summer, before using the impregnating agent it is best to wash the surface with water and mild soap to give the wood a new look.


Finally, the wood pergotenda has a system for draining rain water that consists of an outer gutter with a visible downspout: a reassuring solidity that does not compromise the look and harmony of the whole.

However, the classic character of wood and its romantic nature do not preclude the possibility of daring and innovative shapes, like with the Pergotenda® Arko, whose sinuous lines make it perfect for small spaces.

And the pergotenda in aluminium?

Aluminium pergotenda: durable and modern

Aluminium is a lightweight but very strong material.
As far as the rain water drainage system is concerned, the aluminium pergotenda models have a gutter incorporated into the structure, with the downspout concealed from view for a simple and light design that can guarantee functionality and superior performance.
Moreover, an extremely clean line is one of the distinguishing traits of the aluminium pergotenda models, with thin poles and crossbeams that are perfect for modern, refined settings, which Corradi proposes, for example, in 2018 with the new Millenium Celeb style.

Another advantage of this material is that, unlike wood, it does not require any maintenance, and it does not rust.

The choice of the pergotenda and the most suitable materials for your outdoor space is extremely important, whether it be a private garden or a restaurant terrace, because it communicates an identity, who we are and what we love. 

In fact, it creates an outdoor space offering comfort and hospitality to us and for our guests 365 days a year.

Opting for a wood or aluminium pergotenda is also a matter of aesthetics, because there is no design without emotion and personality. We must always ask ourselves what style we are looking for, even taking into account the interior, to create a balanced continuum since the latest trend is to design indoor and outdoor spaces that form a single, continuous domestic living space.


Choosing a pergotenda and the most suitable material also involves considering the furnishings and the type of environment you want to achieve: have you already decided the style of your outdoor space?


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