Wall-mounted pergola: a space-saving solution

Wall-mounted pergola: a space-saving solution

The garden, the terrace or the balcony are extensions of our home that deserve to be experienced not only in summer but throughout the year and in any weather conditions. The use of a pergola that protects and enhances your outdoor space can transform the exterior of your home into a comfortable area to be shared with loved ones or simply to be enjoyed in the company of a good book.

However, there is not always enough space to add elements typical of outdoor living. To turn your dream of spending time outdoors into reality the ideal solution is to opt for a wall-mounted pergola, a space-saving solution that is extremely versatile, elegant in shape and lightweight in structure, able to harmonise with your home and the existing structures.

So let's see the features and benefits of this particular type of pergola.

Why choose a wall-mounted pergola for your outdoor space

A wall-mounted pergola is a space-saving solution that offers many benefits:

  1. Wall-mounted pergolas are secured directly to a wall or an existing structure of the building, whether it be a home or a commercial establishment. This configuration means that the structure does not need self-supporting pillars for the side anchored to the wall, limiting the overall dimensions to a minimum. A smart solution, capable of transforming even a small space into a small, intimate corner in the open air.
  2. The extreme versatility of the wall-mounted pergola makes it an ideal cover even for extended surfaces like a garden. For example, some Corradi models can be easily placed side by side without the need to double the pillars.
  3. Another benefit? The harmonious addition of wall-mounted pergolas in the outdoor space, perfectly secured to the wall of the house, allows creating a beautiful solution of continuity between indoor and outdoor, giving life to a single domestic living space that is both balanced and practical.

Finally, as with self-supporting structures, the pergolas can also be equipped with a side closure like sliding glass doors for a protected outdoor space without sacrificing the view of the outside, leaving your gaze free to enjoy the surrounding view. 

With Corradi, the closure can be added to an already installed pergola: to create a new, practical independent space.

For an autonomous protected environment that offers an enchanting panoramic view, Corradi proposes, a wall-mounted pergola with contemporary lines that allows the addition of a dual closure: sliding glass doors for protection and transparency, and screens for environments that are more intimate and sheltered from the light.

In addition to the type of closure, it is also important to carefully choose the material for your wall-mounted pergola, which can essentially be of two types: aluminium or wood.

Wall-mounted pergola in aluminium

Aluminium is a material that is extremely light yet solid, able to resist the passage of time and weather. Thanks to its lightness it can be used to create long, elegant forms, reducing overall dimensions to a minimum. Because of these characteristics, aluminium can be considered the ideal material for a wall-mounted pergola as it stands up to even the most adverse atmospheric conditions.

Corradi's wide range of aluminium wall-mounted pergolas includes Flux, a pergola with a soft design and curved lines, ideal for all-round outdoor living.

Wall-mounted pergola in wood

Natural and biocompatible, wood is the perfect material for a pergola that blends into a natural environment or that adds a touch of warmth to a contemporary design. Despite being resistant to weather, it requires a bit more periodic maintenance than aluminium to preserve its characteristics and solidity.

As a demonstration of its fondness for the elegance of wood, Corradi has included the Pergotenda® Twin among its most interesting styles, a look that reflects a linear harmony that combines the classicism of this material with a sophisticated and modern design.

Versatility, simple structure, small size: these are the traits that justify choosing a wall-mounted pergola, the ideal solution for any space. Corradi knows how to create the perfect outdoor space and does so by making available a wide choice of wall-mounted pergolas and supplying tailor-made solutions able to respond to any need and desire.

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