Outdoor covers for a welcoming and functional venue

Outdoor covers for a welcoming and functional venue

Outdoor design for a café, restaurant terrace, garden of a restaurant represent the showcase of the contract sector. In fact, it takes just a quick look to capture the interest and admiration of customers and guests, provided that you know how to highlight the potential of each environment in the right way. Not only in the summer when people spend more time outdoors, but during every season since care, cleanliness, aesthetics and functionality are not temporary needs but rather keys to success all year round.

This is why Corradi – thanks to its tailor-made approach – is able to offer customised solutions capable of adapting to individual and wide-ranging requests. How? Before exploring the possibilities, let's see what you should consider when choosing outdoor covers for a café or restaurant.

Outdoor design for cafés and restaurants: 3 tips to keep in mind

The right flooring

Wobbly tables, tilted chairs and dangerous slopes will not make the time spent in your outdoor space very pleasant. This is why it might be useful to prepare a dedicated flooring after obtaining the required permits, if needed. There are many advantages. Besides enhancing the environment, the right decking offers a good thermal insulation as its protects against humidity and helps to mark off the space when it is placed on top of the existing flooring.

Flowers, plants and nature

Whatever your outdoor design for cafés or restaurants, don't forget about nature. Not only climbing plants, but also shrubs, bushes and, why not, original solutions with great appeal like vertical gardens, ponds or small spaces for growing aromatic herbs. Sometimes an extra touch of green is enough to add warmth and harmony to an external environment.

A space to live in all year round

Outdoor café design, the private garden of a hotel or the terrace of a restaurant must be welcoming and accessible for many months of the year. In fact, for a successful exterior you must always take care of the well-being of customers, offering comfort and the right temperature. So air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter is a good idea. However, the main aspect to consider in the contract sector remains how to make the best use of all the available space, for example providing a pergola cover where guests can be accommodated even in the coldest months of the year, thus increasing business opportunities. Tents and umbrellas can be a practical solution, but for good performance in the rain it is better to opt for more solid covers, able to offer stability and tightness.

In this sense, Corradi products are the ideal solution because they adapt perfectly to the needs of the customer. For example, if your business is in a place with a typically Mediterranean climate, flat or self-supporting solutions are most suitable, with covering fabrics like Eclissi, the standard Pergotenda® fabric, which can better protect against the light. On the other hand, for cold climates it is better to choose inclined solutions, structurally more suitable for draining rain, and covers with filtering fabrics like Soltis or Sunworker, used by Corradi to allow more light to pass through.

The tailor-made philosophy is the key to Corradi's success, the ideal partner to follow your project in all its phases, providing experience, quality and products able to harmonise the environment with those who live in it: Pergotenda®, bioclimatic pergolas, sun sails, closures and complements, these are the solutions that bring life to your outdoors.

Hotels, restaurants, wellness centres: Corradi for the contract sector

If you have considered everything in the design of your outdoor space but you need examples and suggestions that stimulate your imagination, you could draw inspiration from the many customers who have chosen Corradi for their terrace: Negombo, a spa park on the island of Ischia, decided to pay homage to the nature that covers the surrounding 9 hectares: natural light, simple furnishings, Kubo, Alba Liberty and B-Space create an environment of well-being and health. Hotel Baud in Bonne, instead, preferred to enhance the garden of its restaurant by creating an elegant location with Pergotenda® Move and innovative joints that offer the possibility of tilting the pillars of the structure. Le Querce restaurant in Forlì opted for the timeless charm of Pergotenda® 120, a self-supporting wooden structure that lends itself well to the needs of the contract sector thanks to its ability to cover even large surfaces without the need for intermediate pillars.

And relying on Corradi to cover a swimming pool, an outdoor terrace or a restaurant garden has many advantages.

8 good reasons to choose Corradi

There are at least 8 good reasons to rely on Corradi, creating countless opportunities for covers for the contract sector, not just personalisation of the product, but a real custom-made approach developed over 40 years of experience:

  1. Increase the capacity of your venue
  2. Take advantage of Corradi services from pre-sales to on-site assistance
  3. Give your outdoor space an exclusive design, making it more functional
  4. Exploit unused spaces
  5. Take advantage of Corradi's financial partners to finance your project
  6. Rely on a partner with more than 40 years of experience
  7. Better protect your customers from rain and adverse weather conditions
  8. Increase your turnover thanks to a solution tailored to your space.

Now all you have to do is make a wish: what does your ideal outdoor space look like?

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