5 end-of-summer films to watch in the shade of your Pergotenda®

5 end-of-summer films to watch in the shade of your Pergotenda®

Every year between the end of August and the beginning of September Venice becomes the cinema capital of the world, hosting the International Film Festival on the Lungomare Marconi del Lido, this year celebrating its 75th edition.

An artistic and cultural event followed worldwide that once again this year will see the involvement of Corradi, with our Defense and Bioclimatics Maestro sun sails in the outdoor spaces of the historic Grande Albergo Ausonia & Hungaria and the panoramic Terrazza Mediterranea, locations where you can find us until 8 September.

Since we are great movie buffs, we want to recommend 5 end-of-summer films to watch under your Pergotenda®, to spend these first September days with friends and family.

End-of-summer films: 5 titles for your garden cinema

What better way to savour these last warm summer evenings than in the company of some beautiful films set in the summer, plus a gem directly from the 2018 Venice Film Festival?

1) Roman Holiday: a timeless romantic fairy tale

A romantic comedy from 1953 directed by William Wyler and starring Gregory Peck and the then practically unknown Audrey Hepburn, Roman Holiday is another take on Cinderella, reversing the roles. The paths of the two main characters cross when Anna (Audrey Hepburn), a princess visiting Rome, decides to take a break from her diplomatic obligations to take a ride through the Eternal City. Here she meets Joe (Gregory Peck), a reporter from a news agency who, initially attracted by the possible scoop interview, instead accompanies the princess on a real "Roman holiday".

A romantic classic (with a bittersweet ending) that highlights the beauty of Rome and its authentic atmosphere, which earned Hepburn a well-deserved Oscar for best actress.

2) Stand by Me: a nostalgic look back at adolescence

Based on Stephen King's novella The Body and dated 1986, Stand by Me is a classic end-of-summer film for kids, a perfect combination of adventure and emotion. Set during the summer of 1959, it tells the story of one of the main characters who in the meantime has become an adult, the adventures of four 12-year-olds who set off on a journey in search of the corpse of a missing child. A classic of the "coming-of-age" genre that delicately and thoughtfully focuses on the difficult transition of the protagonists from youth to adulthood.

A beautiful film about friendship and adolescence, where the goal to be achieved is only the pretext for the inner transformation that the boys will undergo during their journey.

3) Jaws: terror is just below the water's surface.

One of the most iconic thrillers of all time, the release of Jaws in 1975 consecrated the fame of a director who at the time was virtually unknown: Steven Spielberg. Based on the Peter Benchley novel of the same name, Jaws is set in a small town located on a small Californian island that is shaken by the sudden and repeated attacks of a ferocious shark. To capture and kill this dangerous predator, police chief Brody and the experienced shark hunter Quint will have to join forces.

A film full of tension and suspense (thanks also to the famous soundtrack), this thriller is considered one of the milestones in the history of cinema, the ideal film to watch in your own backyard, safe under your Pergotenda®

4) La La Land: a modern musical with a retro flavour

Written and directed by young Damien Chazelle, this absolutely unconventional musical tells of the stormy romance between the ambitious jazz musician Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and the aspiring actress Mia (Emma Stone). Despite the numerous tributes to the great American musical classics of the 1950s, La La Land has a soul of its own, capable of giving life to a mix of images and music that seduces and excites. The enthralling rhythm and the touching story of determination and sacrifice earned it 14 Oscar nominations, winning 6 of them.

A film that ensnares the viewer from the very beginning with an incredible and crackling long take sequence that will surely remain famous in the history of modern musicals.

5) First Man: from the claustrophobia of everyday drama to boundless space

The opening film of this year's Venice Film Festival and yet another instant classic of the aforementioned director Chazelle, First Man, as the title suggests, focuses on the life of astronaut Neil Armstrong between 1961 and 1969, before his landing on the Moon. However, it's not the usual film about space exploration, but rather an intimate and introspective account focused on Armstrong (played by Ryan Gosling), from mourning the loss of his daughter to his almost obsessive determination to achieve his goal: the lunar landing.

A dramatic film that sincerely and viscerally portrays the sacrifices of Armstrong, NASA and a whole nation as they strive to achieve humanity's greatest dream.

To let yourself be transported to distant worlds on a warm summer evening.


These are our suggestions for 5 end-of-summer films to enjoy in your garden or veranda, while you can still enjoy the pleasant temperatures that the season has to offer. Still planning your ideal outdoor space? Corradi offers solutions for a perfect, custom-made outdoor living area.

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