From home shopper to garden architects: indispensable professionals to design spaces and furnishings

From home shopper to garden architects: indispensable professionals to design spaces and furnishings

“There’s no place like home”: these are the iconic words of the young Dorothy in the 1939 film of the Wizard of Oz. From the 1940s to 2019 time has passed, but now more than ever this expression reflects the direction in which the trends for indoor and outdoor furniture are moving: according to the trends of contemporary living, the home is no longer just the exclusive place of private life, but becomes a daily and dynamic space to be lived at 360°, in all its possibilities. 

Also for this reason, it is not easy to achieve a result that fully represents us in a coherent and harmonic way, taking into account the most suitable style for each of us. This is why, if you are thinking of buying a house or renovating your indoor and outdoor spaces, it is useful to know that there are some professionals - from home personal shoppers to lighting designers - who can help you create the location of your dreams.

Furnishing indoor and outdoor spaces: professionals to turn to

The elements that define a space evoke precise sensations and emotions, so it is essential that they reflect our tastes and that there is an in-depth study of the arrangement of rooms and objects. In fact, today it is increasingly complex and stressful to furnish indoor and outdoor spaces: it often happens that they do not reflect their inhabitants, or that an excessive variety of different styles and colours is used to create a certain atmosphere, without reaching the desired result. This is why many people turn to professionals in the field for the design of spaces and the choice of furniture, accessories, textures: let's see then which are the new professionals that will guarantee the creation of welcoming environments, unique and right for you.

Garden Designer: the green professional

Let’s start from outdoor spaces: because, in a contemporary house, the outdoor area is becoming increasingly important, turning into the space that combines private and public life, intimacy and hospitality. For this reason, it is essential to contact an expert in the field, i.e. the Garden Designer, the professional who designs and creates gardens in a workmanlike manner. Although he or she is not necessarily a landscape architect, his or her skills range from botany to art history, structural calculations, architecture and mathematics. You can turn to this professional not only for the design, but also if you are planning a partial or total renovation. The secret is always the same: make the most of the outdoor space, taking into account the latest Garden Design trends

Vegetation, colours, scents and lights must be harmoniously arranged to create a combination of beneficial sensations able to regenerate mind and body. In addition to the natural elements, it is essential to have an outdoor space to live in every season, such as a heated veranda, so consider adding a pergola, such as Pergotenda®, the ideal solution for an environment protected from the elements. Are you hesitant between a 5-star garden or the simplicity of Provençal style? From design to its implementation, the garden designer will be able to satisfy your desires: the limit is only your imagination!

Home Personal Shopper: the style expert

When it comes to designing private spaces, more and more job titles are spreading, generating confusion about the fields and methods of work: Interior Design, Home Staging, Home Relooking or Home Personal Shopping are not synonyms. If we know more about the Interior Designer - the most ‘classic’ figure, who takes care of the house considering its functional aspects, such as the best exposure, the arrangement of rooms, and aesthetics - the Home Personal Shopper is less known. This is a new professional figure in Italy, offering a style advisory service for furniture: usually, he or she intervenes in a space already defined, when you seek advice on how to develop it to its full potential. Here comes the style expert, who is not necessarily an architect or an interior designer, but certainly must be an enthusiast of furniture with a long experience in the field and excellent creative skills

This profession was imported from the United States, where it has been known since the 1980s, and combines the skills of Art Buyer, Interior Design and Personal Shopper: his or her task is to interpret the tastes and needs of the customer and then research, identify and compare the most suitable items. For example, do you want to create a luxury house? Or do you prefer the warmth and intimacy of the Scandinavian furnishing style? No problem: the Home Shopper will be able to find the best furniture, accessories and materials and put each piece in the right place.

Home Relooker: minor interventions for major renovations

This figure is very similar to that of the Home Personal Shopper, and often they are confused: what is the difference? The home relooking focuses primarily on houses that have been inhabited for a long time, where you do not want to make a real restyling (which involves invasive and often expensive renovation works), but interventions aimed at providing a relook, a refreshing, maybe because the trends or needs have changed. The imperative is to renew: starting from what is available, the furniture is modified or replaced, colours on the walls are changed, the pieces of furniture are arranged in a different way - in other words, unnecessary elements are eliminated. The result? New and fresh spaces without the need for renovation works!

The master of lighting: the Lighting Designer

“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary”: how to blame this reflection of Aaron Rose? Light is not only an instrument for lighting, but also the protagonist of a story that must excite. With this aim in mind, an interesting figure has been created in recent years, the Lighting Designer, who combines technical skills with the emotional and dynamic sphere. Actually, this profession comes from the artistic field, because the Lighting Designer has the responsibility of lighting a theatre or a concert, and therefore he or she is the real orchestra leader of lights. Today this professional has broadened his or her interests and also deals with lighting for commercial and private sectors, with the aim of making people understand the importance of light in living the space that surrounds us, inside or outside. 

In this regard, the latest lighting trends move on two almost opposite sides, both for indoor and for outdoor spaces: on one hand, the must-have items are hanging or large lamps, with a precious and spectacular effect, for those who are not afraid to dare; on the other hand, minimalism, with its flush and bare lights and its geometric and linear shapes, is increasingly fascinating customers. Special attention must be paid to outdoor lighting, especially in the entrance and passage areas, to enjoy moments of serenity and conviviality even in the evening. The secret is joining functionality and creativity

Reliability, order, harmony and attention to detail: these are the watchwords of these four professionals who will create environments with their own soul, who will tell something about you without the need for words. A personal look at the world that will also be reflected in the furniture.

Are you ready to let your imagination run free and create the space of your dreams?

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