Garden umbrella or gazebo: the choice for summer

Garden umbrella or gazebo: the choice for summer

The Tiffany jewellery store was the perfect space for the unforgettable Holly Golightly. So, how can we make our outdoor space utterly perfect for us?

The key word is protection: our outdoor space must be comfortable and intimate, sheltered from the sun's rays and prying eyes. Have you yet to decide between a garden umbrella or a gazebo?  To help you make the right choice for your outdoor space, we want to tell you about some of their features so that you can discover the advantages offered by a customised and custom-made solution.

Which one best meets the needs of our outdoor spaces? Let's find out in this article. 

Garden umbrella or gazebo? Here’s how to make the right choice

Before deciding on which of the two solutions to choose, it is immensely important to think about the size of the spaces. The size of the garden umbrella or gazebo should not make the outdoor space appear excessively cluttered, even if the garden umbrella and gazebo are performing their primary function or protecting our living and outdoor dining area from the sun.

Garden umbrella: practical for the summer season

Without a doubt, the garden umbrella is an extremely practical option because it can be folded and stored away easily. It can be used in any type of outdoor space, but it tends to be a more functional choice for a balcony or small courtyard. There are basically two types of garden umbrellas:

  1. Decentralised garden umbrella: this type of garden umbrella has a side arm that allows for 360° rotations, thus being a comfortable and space-saving solution that's perfect for shading the dining area.
  2. Central pole garden umbrella: as the name implies, it's a garden umbrella equipped with a central pole which, ideally, should be placed in the appropriate hole in the outdoor table. However, it's not recommended as a stable outdoor element because it cannot be adjusted to the sun orientation.

Its particular structure along with being light and removable makes the garden umbrella a seasonal solution, suitable only in the warmer months.

Gazebo: a space of its own

When choosing between a garden umbrella and a gazebo, the latter represents a better solution for creating a real open-air living space. It is a self-supporting structure, covered at the top and open on the sides.

To ensure everyone can find a model that perfectly fits their outdoor space, there is a wide range of gazebo types to choose from: there are aluminium gazebos, lightweight and closable for practical and seasonal use; wrought-iron gazebos to create a romantic corner in your outdoor space; or the classic wooden gazebos, solid and long-term furnishing elements.

Whatever type, material or size you choose, the gazebo will form a space of its own: the perfect place for an outdoor lunch with friends, for a rejuvenating yoga session or for all those activities that you just don't want to do indoors during the summer.

Custom-made solutions for an outdoor space that knows no limits

Therefore, before choosing between a garden umbrella and a gazebo, it's good to think about how we want to use our outdoor space and which accessories can be functional for this purpose. The house outdoor spaces must be custom-made for those who enjoy them; this is why it is important that the chosen covers, in addition to being of high quality and design, are also "tailored-made". This is much better than having covers that lack personality and can be used for only a few months each year, forced to adapt to standard structures. What to do?

Corradi completely understands the value of custom-made solutions and for 40 years has been offering others with the option of personalising its structures to the maximum, creating a harmonious symphony between the environment and those who live in it.

The bioclimatic pergola and Pergotenda® Corradi models, in addition to being an elegant decorative element, especially if adorned by choosing the perfect climbing plant, offer protection to both small and very large spaces, providing shelter to people and furniture. And not just in the summer: thanks to the possibility of closing it with glasses or sun shades, the outdoor covers let you further enjoy those sheltered and comfortable environments every day of the year.

Still unable to decide between a garden umbrella or gazebo for your outdoor moments? Then settling just isn't for you! Give space to your time and take a look at the wide range of solutions that Corradi offers. This includes the Pergotenda® Millenium® Celeb, the wall-mounted pergola in aluminium that, thanks to the lights integrated into the front pillars and in the upper runners, will bring a special ambience to your outdoor space that will evoke a magical Arabian fairytale.


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