Meadow garden: the trend-setting garden

Meadow garden: the trend-setting garden

Open spaces where the horizon is lost among wild flowers and the rays of the rising sun filter through sparse trees and reflect off the sparkling morning dew: such endless landscapes are the inspiration behind meadow gardens, an American and Anglo-Saxon trend that recalls prairies and green expanses embracing woods and moors.

Creating a meadow garden means giving space to nature even in small places and letting plants and flowers grow without constraints, but without forgetting style and refinement.

Today we'll see how to create a garden of this type: ready to open your windows and immerse yourself in the greenery?

Meadow garden inspiration: crucial elements

First of all, it's interesting to note that there are different kinds of meadows. While one kind is like a prairie, a word that brings to mind wide expanses, plants and wild flowers that grow free, there are also meadows that grow under the watchful eyes of people who take care of their maintenance.

In short, meadow gardens are like prairies that are cared for by people, so while they are intrinsically artificial, they still respect the natural rhythms of the plants that grow there.

That's why an image of an English garden immediately comes to mind when we talk about meadow gardens, where rocks, waterfalls and hedges are the protagonists, the result of a well-researched and conscious plan. 

So, what do you need to do to build your own meadow garden? Here are the crucial points so you're sure not to make any mistakes: 

  • Identify an area where you can enjoy open spaces, whether it's a garden in the city or out in the countryside.
  • Grasses are a key element of any meadow garden, plants that grow in freedom mixed with other greenery, as we shall see later. Also, just like on a prairie the grass will have to reach at least to your calf...even better if it tickles your knees!
  • For a truly trendy meadow garden, you'll have to care for the grass, so you'll have to mow it a few times a year when it gets too tall.

Finally, a word of advice: remember that caring for a meadow garden seems simple, but in reality it requires commitment. Much of its beauty is due to the sense of peace and order that the little prairie will convey, which is why it needs constant maintenance.

Meadow garden: 3 ideas to create a meadow garden

Now that we have seen the elements that are crucial for your meadow garden, let's take a look at some ideas that will make your own garden a big success.

Variety is the key

The secret to a nice meadow garden is a mix of grasses – the true queens of the prairie – with other plants, for example ornamental plants, bulbous plants or, why not, succulent plants. The important thing is to place the most original ones, like small cacti or agave, in well-studied spots that allow the eye to linger on them while losing yourself in the grassy expanse.

And don't forget the flowers – poppies, daisies, wild flowers – and let them grow free, but always paying attention to the aesthetics and regularity of the composition!

To get some ideas and follow the rhythm of the seasons, you can do a little research and select some medicinal and decorative plants.

Think of a cover that goes well with the garden

If you have enough space it may be necessary to think of a covering system that allows you to fully experience your meadow garden, creating a shelter against the sun and wind where you can relax, enjoy lunch or simply sit and admire the swaying blades of grass.

For example, a romantic Pergotenda® 60 adapts perfectly to the meadow style: its wooden structure elegantly enriches any rural chic setting. Another useful element to consider, if you decide to create a meadow zone, is a system of mosquito nets and protections to keep insects away while you relax.

Choose timeless materials

A meadow garden can be classical or modern, depending on the materials you want to use.

For a traditional look, you can choose wrought iron: perfect for a vintage bench or table, maybe placed under the covering system you choose.

To add a designer touch to your space why not opt for glass? Corradi sliding windows allow you to close the covered area without sacrificing your view, perfect for immersing yourself in your personal prairie.

One thing is certain: a meadow garden is a garden for dreamers.

So, since spring is right around the corner, if you feel like being bold why not consider this amazing possibility?

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