Nature and design: an outdoor experience all year round in the hills of Lugano

Nature and design: an outdoor experience all year round in the hills of Lugano

A villa in the Swiss hills of Tesserete near Lugano, a green, refined outdoor area to be enjoyed all year round, with an open-air corner spa: today we'd like to tell you about a success story in Lugano – created by Matteo Scudiero and the EsseDiEsse team – starring the Alba bioclimatic pergola by Corradi. 

The aim was to create a luminous, functional space where nature and technology interact perfectly thanks to the presence of a Corradi bioclimatic pergola, chosen as the ideal synthesis of structural excellence and design. 

Developed between spring and summer 2018, this project has truly made the most of its surroundings: the lines of the bioclimatic pergola, the hot tub, the furnishings, the wood floor and the greenery all reflect the homeowners' passion for interior design and advanced technology.

A designer living room surrounded by nature

The customer's wish was to redesign the garden, making it even more welcoming and functional, adding a spa area to be used both in summer and winter.

Thus was born the idea of an open-air hot tub and the nearby Alba bioclimatic pergola, the heart of the outdoor space, furnished as a living room to be fully experienced during the summer and complete with dining table and sofas, and to be used as a dressing room for the home spa during the colder months, also thanks to the installation of a heating system.

The result is an actual living room in the garden: in fact, it is accessed from the indoor living area to create continuity between the inside and outside.

The project is completed by wood flooring chosen in a natural colour with shaded tones that matches the surrounding greenery, creating a refined, authentic environment.

Alba bioclimatic pergola: an evergreen model 

The Alba bioclimatic pergola by Corradi was soon identified as the best solution to interpret the owner's need for an open space to enjoy, but also to be used as a sheltered corner. Indeed, the Bioclimatics models are ideal for creating an open environment: when the cover's blades are rotated open you can see portions of the sky. The blades are adjustable up to 150° to allow the regulation of air and light, while the side closure with panoramic windows allows creating an independent area that maintains its continuity with the garden.

For this project the choice was also guided by the product's performance with respect to the elements: the structure is water-resistant and when the blades and windows are closed rainwater is conveyed into the gutters embedded in the pillars. Finally, aesthetic harmony was not neglected: the furniture under the bioclimatic pergola is made of durable materials with graceful lines and light colours including white, dove grey and light green, which harmonise with the colours of the garden and the surrounding nature, bringing out their nuances.

Maximum customisation with home automation and refined lines

One of the strengths of this project was the opportunity for customisation. In fact, the designer connected the blade adjustment command unit to a home automation system to allow the customer to open and close the pergola using a smartphone.

The system used to incorporate the control unit in the structure of the pergola itself was also quite refined: a customised additional pillar was added to house the technological control centre, perfectly integrated with the surrounding design.

Another important element is the creation of a track for the curtains that makes it possible to adjust the amount of light that enters through the panoramic windows. 

The project perfectly exemplifies the Corradi touch: timeless style and cutting-edge design, technology that integrates with the surrounding environment and maximum willingness to listen to the needs and desires of the customer.

Those who are looking for a project that interprets the outdoors while taking into account functional needs and design can count on the experience of installations like this and other examples of excellence designed by Corradi, a guarantee of excellence and elegance.

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