Three exceptional Corradi projects: successful case histories that will inspire your creativity

Three exceptional Corradi projects: successful case histories that will inspire your creativity

Every outdoor space is unique. Whether you have a residential garden, a restaurant terrace or an outdoor wellness area, it's important to fully understand the characteristics and potential of your outdoor space to make it accessible all year round. For this reason, with its 40 years of experience, Corradi is committed to providing solutions that are truly custom made, working with design professionals to offer products that are built to meet the customer's specific needs, both in the residential and contract sectors.

Design, construction and assistance: Corradi doesn't just supply pergolas and outdoor covers. Indeed, it accompanies customers step by step from concept to project completion and after-sales service, offering personalised solutions. There is no shortage of successful case histories, and in this article we want to show you three recent installations of Corradi outdoor covers.

Successful case histories: Corradi style for private and contract projects

Pergotenda® Millenium® Celeb in the Turin countryside

This country villa near Turin is the perfect combination of modern design and rural materials. The exposed bricks and wood windows overlook a lush garden full of plants and works of art. A rough stone path that crosses the garden leads to the main patio, connected by a staircase to the one on upper floor.

Both verandas are made with Pergotenda® Millenium® Celeb, a restyled version of the classic 2008 Millenium® and a true expression of an elegant, practical design. One feature of this outdoor cover is the lighting system that is directly integrated into the front pillars and runners, complemented by a customised finish that interacts nicely with the aluminium frame.

An example of custom design that transforms the outdoors into a place of comfort, surrounded by greenery, art and design.

Bioclimatics Maestro in the heart of Carpi

The multi-storey villa located in the centre of Carpi conceived by the architect Gian Luca Montanari is an example of refined design and character. The structure is further enhanced by Bioclimatics Maestro, a bioclimatic aluminium pergola with adjustable blades, installed here in a wall-mounted version. Distinguished by geometric, clean lines, Maestro complements the villa's external space, on the one hand conferring great elegance on the outdoor area, and on the other protecting the comfortable outdoor living room against the prying eyes of the surrounding residences. The cover with adjustable, remote-controlled blades makes it possible to create an interplay of shifting lights and shadows, also thanks to the integrated LED lights, giving the outdoor space a unique, personal ambiance. Furthermore, Bioclimatics Maestro is water resistant, making the pergola extremely hospitable even in the most adverse weather conditions.

Defense sun sails for the Lungomare hotel in Riccione

The "Settimo Piano" project stems from the desire of the owners of the Lungomare Hotel in Riccione to transform an unused space into a stunning terrace overlooking the sea. The centrepieces of this project are the white Defense Sun Sails, sun shades of a nautical origin that protect against the sun and humidity and are resistant to atmospheric agents, salinity and wear.

The technological features, the structure and materials make this type of outdoor structure a truly unique and practical design element. Indeed, the canvas of the sails is made of Dacron®, a polyester fabric with high tear resistance and durability, even with high humidity. The sail can be swivelled 360° in the self-supporting version (as in this case) and 90° in the wall-mounted version. Moreover, a built-in anemometer allows for automatic closing in the event of strong winds.

The terrace is completed by Ipè grooved wood decking with hidden fasteners, porcelain stoneware staircases and high glass parapets that offer an evocative panoramic view sheltered from the sea breeze. 

These are just three successful case histories from Corradi's extensive portfolio, which features countless examples illustrating the company's innovation, its love for design and excellent custom work.

If you want your outdoor area to become a truly unique space that you can enjoy all year round, all you have to do is choose Corradi products. 

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