Covers for terraces: three solutions without pillars

Covers for terraces: three solutions without pillars

Turning an outdoor space into a place where you can spend some time relaxing and enjoying the company of others has always been our primary mission. Just like a garden or outdoor area, even a terrace can become a place for relaxing if properly exploited and covered: with the arrival of nice weather and especially the first hot days, it's a good idea to equip your terrace so that you can enjoy it in peace at any time of the day.

A hot summer afternoon can be transformed into a pleasant moment outdoors, making use of covers for terraces that protect against the heat, sun rays or even adverse weather conditions.

There are numerous solutions to choose from and it is necessary to carefully consider which type of cover to choose, depending on your specific needs and tastes, always being attentive to the pertinent regulations and permits, especially for an apartment building.

To create a personal, comfortable shaded area it is not always necessary to carry out new works, it may be possible to exploit solutions without pillars that are extremely practical and functional. So let's take a look at the various types of covers for terraces, the benefits they offer and the tips to be followed for their maintenance.

Covers for terraces: functions and benefits

Deciding to protect our outdoor spaces does not simply mean creating a shelter against the sun's rays. In fact, covers for terraces offer a number of different benefits:

  • High level of protection against UV rays. In fact, prolonged exposure to these rays can be very harmful to health, especially for our skin and eyes. The better the quality of the fabric the more it will protect us against ultraviolet rays, giving us a chance to spend time outdoors, even during the hottest hours.
  • Privacy. A good balcony cover ensures greater protection against prying eyes and therefore of our privacy.
  • Environmental sustainability. By preventing the sun's rays from penetrating and overheating the environment, it is possible to reduce the use of fans and air conditioning, thus avoiding an excessive expenditure of energy.
  • Elegance. Besides being very practical, outdoor covers are a decorative design element, beautifying balconies and façades.

There are many benefits to installing covers for terraces and there are also numerous solutions to choose from. For example, the most classic sun canopies on arms or free falling are suitable for small surfaces. They are made with a canvas that unrolls and offer a superior and partially frontal protection. For greater privacy, it is possible to opt for romantic bonnet canopies, distinguished by a fan-shaped structure with canvas on a curved frame suitable both for private use and for businesses.

There are also other modern and functional solutions, with different structures, shapes and opening mechanisms.

Three solutions to cover our terrace

In addition to classic awnings, there are different types of covers for terraces able to combine functionality, comfort and beauty. Here we want to show you three possible solutions among the most innovative and sleek designed by Corradi:

  • Impact, a patented covering system where the elegance and simplicity of shapes meet the efficiency of the Eclissi water-proof canvas and the practicality of being able to be applied on existing structures, even of very large dimensions.
  • Pergotenda Arko, whose main feature is that it does not need pillars on the ground. Made of wood and anchored to a support wall, it is a refined solution suitable for any setting, ensuring a superior level of protection thanks to its high resistance to weather.
  • Alba bioclimatic pergola in the Liberty version, integrated or resting on existing structures without vertical pillars. It is a solution that combines solidity and flexibility, with integrated LED lights and slats that rotate up to 150° via remote control, adjusting the amount of light and air in the space.

Not just covers: closures for terraces

To really make our outdoors a space to be enjoyed throughout the year, in addition to using top or side covers you can also consider the installation of closures for terraces that provide 360° protection. With sliding windows or made with fabric, here again there are many different solutions. Corradi's innovative proposal for the closing of balconies is Balcony, consisting of an aluminium frame and a roll-up canvas that can be fastened without compromising the existing flooring. The ideal solution to transform the balcony into another room of the house, protected from the sun and weather.

Maintenance of awnings

For terrace covers to maintain their performance over time, it is necessary to preserve their functionality with small but important measures.

To clean the awnings, from time to time it is necessary to wash the canvas with a mild detergent and a brush that is not excessively abrasive, making sure to carefully rinse off any detergent residues.

As we have seen, the choice of covers for terraces will allow you to make the most of the balcony. In addition to the many models available, Corradi offers numerous customised solutions able to meet individual needs and to create beauty that can be experienced every day.

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