How can you create a beautiful venue for an outdoor wedding? Guide for the HoReCa sector

How can you create a beautiful venue for an outdoor wedding? Guide for the HoReCa sector

A summer evening, a spring afternoon or a golden autumn day make perfect times for an outdoor wedding reception: couples who choose their wedding date at these times of the year understand this well.

If you have a villa for events or if you're the manager of a restaurant with an outdoor space, this is the right article for you: today we want to suggest some ideas for setting up an elegant and refined outdoor wedding to make your venue the perfect location for a wedding reception.

Outdoor wedding: how can you make your guests feel like they're living a dream?

Glasses that clink as the sun sets, cutting the cake under the stars, music that fills the air and greenery that surrounds the happy couple and their guests: everything should be unforgettable on the day they say "I do" and the wedding party venue plays a fundamental role.

If the chosen location has an outdoor space, surely the reception - or a part of it - will take place outdoors, weather permitting: how can you organise everything perfectly, enhancing the unique features of the available space? Here are some ideas so that you're always prepared.

Different spaces for special moments

The welcome cocktail, the lunch or dinner and the cutting of the cake are highlights of the reception and each aspect deserves special attention. This is precisely why it's important to have different areas dedicated to them. For example, the aperitif can take place in the garden, or by the pool, under a flowered pergola or under a Pergotenda® that can be closed or opened depending on the current weather conditions and the time it's offered. A separate and more informal place, perhaps with a standing buffet, helps guests to feel at ease; it gives them a chance to enjoy the reception menu and discover the place's welcoming atmosphere while waiting for the couple's arrival for lunch or dinner.

Furthermore, the Pergotenda® guarantees shelter from weather elements, especially if it's closed on the sides with special protections or panoramic windows: this option shouldn't be overlooked in the case of adverse weather conditions as it lets guests fully enjoy the outdoor space.

Decorations and the location: coordinating the style

The reception venue always has its own identity, which consequently gives the occasion a particular atmosphere: it could be a farmhouse in the countryside, a villa with a swimming pool, a restaurant with a panoramic garden, or even a terrace with a sea view. Whether the style you're going for is luxurious or shabby chic, with a rustic and floral feeling, or has hints of modernity and design, it's important that the set-up is coordinated with the atmosphere and vibe which the place was chosen for.

This is the time to maximise the location's unique features: for example, if we're in the countryside during the summer, floral decorations for the wedding can remind us of the beautiful natural colours that we find during this warm season when the sun's rays dance on the fields of wheat alongside sunflowers and white, red and blue wild flowers. Say yes to bouquets of colourful flowers and yes to aromatic herbs and lavender, which blooms precisely during the summer and whose unmistakable scent gently envelops guests.

If we're at the sea, all the furnishings will allude to a nautical style: from materials and colours to shading structures, you can immerse the reception venue in a chic maritime atmosphere. The Sun Sails range is perfect for this. They can cover and shade the welcome cocktail area, creating a comfortable and protected corner against atmospheric agents. Corradi technology also guarantees protection from UV rays thanks to its use of Dacron® fabric, offering technology, functionality and aesthetics in a single product.

Comfort and refinement for the tables

Convivial moments are incredibly important parts of the reception, so the choice of decorations for the wedding tables is fundamental. During the meal the guests are at the heart of the festivities, so everything must be consistent and work together harmoniously. From the choice of table and chair arrangements to the tablecloths and table dressing, and from the flowers to the ceramics, it's important to look for a harmonious style that can be simple and modern, or more classic and detailed.

For an outdoor wedding, you can opt for tables for small groups - round, elegant and comfortable ones are perfect for all diners - or for longer, rustic-inspired tables. The long table expresses its potential to the fullest in the garden: for an evening wedding, it's a great idea to dine surrounded by greenery while the sun sets and lights are lit up in the trees.

Floral decorations for gazebos and pergolas

If you decide to set up the tables under a gazebo or pergola, why not decorate the structure with floral decorations using climbing plants? Ivy and jasmine, for example, are perfect and enrich the dinner experience naturally. The gazebo is also an ideal location for cutting the cake or setting up the sugared almonds, allowing for a moment to conclude the reception and say goodbye to the guests.

These are some ideas for setting up an outdoor wedding, which can be declined according to the couple's taste and the style chosen for the ceremony, favouring comfort, elegance and design, to create a truly unforgettable day.

Corradi offers a varied range of options for setting up spaces to celebrate outdoor weddings: its structures, always elegant and minimal, allow for maximum customisation to find the right style for every wedding and every married couple, thanks to our lengthy experience in the contract sector.

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