How to cover a pergola and transform your home garden into a summer oasis

How to cover a pergola and transform your home garden into a summer oasis
Dreaming of taking a beach holiday? Although for many of us the summer holidays are still several weeks away, we can still start getting into the mood: with the right furniture and design choices, transforming your outdoor area into a cosy corner of relaxation is child’s play.

If you love summer vibes like we do, come see how you can cover a pergola to recreate a dreamlike atmosphere right in your home garden, and personalise it with furnishing elements by Westwing, to complete the look. 



How to cover a pergola 

If you have a pergola, a bioclimatic pergola is the ideal solution for creating a pleasant oasis of relaxation.  The adjustable blade technology will allow you to adjust the air flow and filter the light in the best possible manner, thus providing you with an optimal environment in terms of comfort and temperature: with this innovative cover, you can create a personalised microclimate, and fully enjoy even the warmest summer days.

For beach lovers, on the other hand, Corradi sun sails bring a real seaside element right into your backyard: in fact, Sun Sails are much more than just simple outdoor awnings. They’re the result of the nautical sector’s most widely used technology being combined with a practical and dynamic design. With their lightweight yet durable construction, they provide shelter from the elements, while at the same time adding a pleasant aesthetic touch to any environment. 

How to furnish your pergola 

Once you’ve chosen the most suitable shade cover for your pergola, you can start decorating it, to transform your outdoor area into a little private beach. One increasingly popular trend in recent years is the maritime style, which is no longer limited to seaside towns and their locales, and has now become a thing in the interior design world as well. 

It’s known as Mediterranean style, and it’s characterised by the use of natural materials, such as wood and stone, light and neutral colours, bright open spaces, and a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere: a look designed for those who love the summer and want to recreate the magical atmosphere of the Italian, Greek, and Spanish coasts.


This simple, bright, and elegant style features the blue, white, and warm, earthy colours often associated with the beach, with a predominance of wood materials, for a warm and nostalgic ambience.

The Westwing interior designers have numerous suggestions for rendering the space even cosier: adding sun loungers, for example, will contribute to the illusion of being at the beach, creating a perfect outdoor space for relaxation, or for spending warm summer evenings in the company of family and friends.   

Here are a few suggestions for covering your pergola and creating your own oasis of relaxation. Visit the dedicated Corradi covers section for more outdoor solutions.

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