When a balcony becomes a veranda: how to create a relaxing corner with Corradi aluminium pergolas

When a balcony becomes a veranda: how to create a relaxing corner with Corradi aluminium pergolas
With the arrival of summer the time we spend outdoors tends to increase, as does the need to carve out spaces where we can take refuge from the heat and find some relief.

With Corradi aluminium pergolas you can transform your balcony into a perfect oasis for the hottest days.

In this article we’ll see which one is best suited to various types of spaces. 

Why is aluminium the best choice to cover your terrace?

Not only is aluminium lightweight and strong, but it also boasts excellent thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, making it perfect for spaces exposed to moisture and sunlight. 

Moreover, while other materials require regular painting or anti-rust treatments, aluminium minimises the maintenance required and remains shiny for a long time.

All this, however, without sacrificing aesthetics: in fact, aluminium is a highly flexible solution for interior design and the main structure for all possible needs. 



How to create the ideal climate in a terrace cover 

Choosing an aluminium pergola is therefore a great way to enhance outdoor spaces in the summer: taking refuge in an enclosed, air-conditioned space can be extremely tempting on hot days. 

However, relying on air conditioning runs the risk of limiting the time we spend outdoors in the summer months, not to mention driving up our electricity bills.

Corradi's bioclimatic pergolas are the ideal solution for creating a personalised climate in your outdoor refuge in a natural way: thanks to the adjustable blade technology you can regulate the light and ventilation in the space. A lightweight, modern aluminium structure makes the pergolas ideal for enjoying summer days and nights in total comfort.

A customised outdoor experience with Corradi terrace pergolas

To make the most of your balcony, it’s important to choose the most suitable pergola. Let's take a look at some of the main Corradi solutions. 

Imago® features a clean, simple and elegant design, the perfect choice for those looking for a classic, unmistakable style. Practical and versatile, it’s the ideal pergola for terraces to transform a balcony into a place where you can live in complete freedom, even in the summer.


If you prefer a more traditional look, the bioclimatic Maestro is the best choice for customising your space with elegance and comfort. Inspired by the iconic design of the Pergotenda® of the same name, the bioclimatic version offers the lightness of aluminium and the practicality of adjustable blades. Moreover, Maestro can be combined in several modules and is therefore perfect for covering very large areas and any type of balcony or terrace.

Finally, the great classic of the Corradi range is Alba, the bioclimatic with simple lines, Its minimalist architecture and aluminium structure make it an avant-garde alternative for giving a modern look to any space.

Alba differs from other bioclimatic pergolas in its coverage system, with adjustable blades that can be angled up to 150°, making it an excellent option for creating a comfortable sanctum protected against the heat.

If you’re re-imagining your outdoors with the imminent arrival of summer, an aluminium pergola can transform your balcony or garden into a small corner of paradise, comfortable yet functional.

During the sunny season you’ll find relief from the heat without relying on air conditioning, which not only adds to your monthly expenses but also limits the time spent outdoors.

But thanks to the versatility and durability of aluminium, your terrace pergola will become the perfect refuge even in other months of the year.  


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