How to cover an outdoor courtyard with Corradi solutions

How to cover an outdoor courtyard with Corradi solutions
Everyone has a different idea of what their garden should look like: whether you prefer a relaxing corner, a practical area for your hobbies or a space to welcome guests, there is a solution for you among the products on offer from Corradi. So, let's find out what the best options might be to fully enhance your outdoor space.

Pergotenda® for terraces and outdoor verandas to suit all tastes

Design and functionality are the keywords for the Pergotenda® models by Corradi, which in their simplicity and elegance create welcoming and unique environments: the perfect answer for those who want to create a small area of comfort where their daily routine can be moved outdoors at any time. 

Indeed, even in a small space, a wall-mounted pergola can provide shelter from the sun or rain, and allows you to always be surrounded by greenery. 

However, choosing functionality does not mean compromising on aesthetics: whatever your taste, Corradi has a Pergotenda® with the right design: for example, lovers of a minimalist style can count on the clean and essential lines of Palladia®, which with its aluminium and stainless steel structure is the perfect expression of modern architecture. 


For those who want an outdoor veranda with a more classic look, there is always the Pergotenda® 45: a timeless model that, with its wooden design, gives the space a natural, vibrant and romantic feel.

 An enclosed veranda for all seasons with Bioclimatics and the Butterfly cover system 

In good or bad weather, you can still enjoy your green space. Corradi's bioclimatic pergolas are designed precisely to allow complete control over temperatures. Bioclimatics’ sun shade blades allows you to regulate ventilation and light while enjoying the outdoors.

Those who love the design of Corradi Pergotende® but want the freedom to create their own microclimate can choose Maestro, the hybrid pergola with a dual identity and unmistakable style. 

Those who wish to transform the outdoors into a living space can envision the garden as more than just a forgotten space outside the home with IMAGO®: all three variations of these bioclimatic pergolas transform the outdoors into everyday places. Whether you have a passion for cooking or want your own personal spot to relax, IMAGO is the perfect answer for your outdoors


If, on the other hand, the priority is shelter in all weather conditions, Alba Butterfly is the ideal solution. In fact, the pantograph system of this new Alba model allows you to enjoy the light on fine days and to be fully protected from the rain even during the worst storms, all while minimising the encumbrance of the canvas

The sea at home with an outdoor sail awning 

A completely enclosed space in the garden is not for everyone. For free spirits who want to fully enjoy the fresh air of summer, Corradi has created a design that allows you to enjoy the outdoors without any limitations: Sun Sails. Inspired by the nautical world, these sun sails make use of the materials most commonly used at sea to bring perfect shelter from the sun and strong winds to dry land. 

For sun worshippers looking for a practical solution even in a reduced space, the cutting-edge design of Defense is ideal. With the freestanding version, this sail can in fact be adjusted through 360° and offer shelter from the elements at all times. 


On the other hand, if you are looking for a more versatile design that adapts to any situation, you can opt for Scirocco, the sail with customisable dimensions of up to 70 square metres of coverage. Whether you choose the freestanding, wall-mounted or fully anchored version, Scirocco guarantees complete protection from the sun

Whatever your needs, Corradi has a solution for you and your outdoor spaces: find out more.

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