Garden sun sails: which ones to choose and how to position them

Garden sun sails: which ones to choose and how to position them
Summer is almost upon us, and more and more people are spending time outdoors. With longer days and rising temperatures, having a comfortable shaded space can be a great asset to a garden.

Sun Sails are Corradi's answer to a more inviting, shaded backyard. These sun sails are an elegant and practical option for protecting outdoor spaces from the sun and creating welcoming outdoor environments. In this guide, we will be focusing on the various types of sails: how to choose them and where to place them.

Professional, functional sun sails

Sun Sails are more than just sail awnings: their sharp lines draw inspiration from the nautical world, both in terms of their modern, elegant design and their sturdy, innovative materials, which make the sails wind-resistant.
However, each of the Sun Sails has its own iconic structure, designed to adapt to different needs and contexts.

Depending on your tastes and needs, you will find a Sun Sails model to suit you. The Defense sail, for example, which is adjustable through 360° and easily folded, can be positioned anywhere in the garden. 


On the other hand, for those looking for a dynamic and practical design, Maestrale is the ideal sail: designed to offer up to 113 different configurations, the keyword for this outdoor solution is “versatility”. This customised sun sail will fit perfectly into your space and lend a harmonious aesthetic to your garden, creating a place of comfort and serenity under its freestanding structure.

Finally, for maximum customisation of your space you could opt for Scirocco. This custom-sized sail allows coverage of up to 70 square metres, while maintaining a light and refined design. It is ideal for those who want sun sails with large dimensions, but with an essential, elegant and unique style. 

How to integrate a sun sail into your yard 

Once you have chosen the perfect sun sail to meet your needs, one question remains: how should you position it to get the most out of the space available? In particular, it is important to consider how to connect your outdoor space to the rest of your home in a functional and attractive manner. 

One way to integrate a sail into your domestic life is to position it close to the walls of the house, so that you can enjoy your own shady corner as soon as you go outside. Choose the wall-mounted versions of the Defense or Sirocco sail, for example, to create a natural extension to the house. 


To create the ultimate refined and elegant complete look, you can also choose to combine sun sails with a pergola: combine a sail with a Pergotenda® or one of Corradi's bioclimatic pergolas and so expand your outdoor living area and immerse yourself in greenery at any time. 

On the other hand, for an outdoor spot that is more independent from the house, you can choose a freestanding sail. In the freestanding versions, all of the Corradi Sun Sails help to create a little piece of paradise in your garden, with no limitations. 
Their linear, essential and innovative design provides a welcoming environment in which to relax or receive guests. 

Start shaping your outdoor space: discover the Corradi sun sail that is right for you. 


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