An outdoor veranda as an extension of your home: Corradi solutions designed to enhance your comfort

An outdoor veranda as an extension of your home: Corradi solutions designed to enhance your comfort
As spring arrives and seasons shift, it prompts a fresh perspective on our living spaces. Converting an outdoor veranda or balcony into a functional extension offers an opportunity to spend more time outdoors. As the weather improves, you could consider relocating your daily activities beyond the confines of your home to the shelter of an outdoor veranda

Utilising an outdoor veranda as a laundry area

As is customary annually, scarves and jumpers are poised to be stowed away in wardrobes. Those who wish to take advantage of the moment to declutter can make use of an outdoor veranda to prepare for summer


When surrounded by greenery, reflecting on what to keep in the wardrobe and what to discard can make us feel better. As soon as we have made our choices, we can give our coats one last wash, ensuring that they will be as good as new when winter returns. Finally, the Pergotenda® Maestro allows us to control the natural light, which will allow us to dry our favourite garments one last time while we quietly enjoy the new season on our terrace.

A veranda full of good habits

Once the weather warms up, physical activity in the open air becomes more popular. A dedicated corner for mats, balls and toys under a Corradi Pergotenda® makes routines more spontaneous, whether you enjoy a relaxing yoga session or want to create a peaceful play space for your children. Everything you need to rediscover your passions will be at hand. In fact, at the end of the workout, each item will find its appropriate place before you enjoy a well-deserved moment of relaxation on the veranda.

A relaxing dinner on the outdoor veranda at the end of the day

What is the best way to conclude an intense work week? Nothing is more satisfying than enjoying a good meal in the open air. With Corradi solutions, you can transform your terrace into a place for sharing and conviviality. Furthermore, you can take advantage of the longer hours of sunshine in the coming months. To fully experience this evocative atmosphere, Imago® in its Gourmet version is the ideal solution for cooking enthusiasts. Featuring the most functional design among Corradi's bioclimatic pergolas, this new outdoor veranda concept allows you to fully enjoy cooking outdoors.


Spending time outdoors, taking care of your home, yourself or guests is an investment in your physical and mental well-being. Discover Corradi's outdoor veranda solutions to enhance your outdoor spaces and make them an integral part of your daily routine.

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