Shade and energy saving: Corradi's solutions to regulate light and create comfort spaces

Shade and energy saving: Corradi's solutions to regulate light and create comfort spaces

Pergotenda®: the smart solution for a sustainable hom

With the arrival of high temperatures, gardens, terraces, and balconies become the focal points of outdoor living. However, to make the most of these spaces, it is essential to protect them from excessive sunlight.

Solar covers, like pergolas, not only shelter the house from direct sunlight and heat, but also improve energy efficiency, contributing to sustainability. In this article, we will explore how a Pergotenda® is a choice that offers beautiful aesthetics as well as a high level of energy efficiency.


The impact of solar cover on energy consumption

Solar covers play a crucial role in managing the indoor temperature of a residence. During the summer, they reduce the amount of sunlight and heat entering the building, thereby reducing cooling costs. Furthermore, during the rest of the year, they help insulate the house from the outside weather, minimising heat loss and, consequently, energy consumption. 

Outdoor structures with side closures, such as Pergotenda®, are particularly effective in controlling the amount of sunlight and heat entering the building. This improves living comfort and sustainability, as it can reduce the need for air conditioning systems.

Pergotenda®: an oasis of relaxation and sustainability

A pergola allows you to maximise your everyday outdoor living space, creating a comfortable and personalised space. Thanks to the stacking/folding cover system, you can choose between sunlight or refreshing shade at any time.

Pergotenda® solutions not only offer protection from direct sunlight, but also from rain and wind, thanks to the durable and water-proof materials that characterise all Corradi solutions. Furthermore, they can be fitted with side closures, enhancing their performance and providing greater protection from sunlight and wind. Moreover, in the cooler months, they help create an ideal and comfortable shelter.

Customisation and design

The Pergotenda® models adapt to every architectural style. Available in wood or aluminium, and featuring a variety of colour and finish options, they meet any aesthetic requirement, transforming the outdoor space into an elegant and functional space.




Choosing a solar cover is a long-term investment in the well-being and sustainability of your home. The intelligent use of solar shieldings and covers - such as pergolas - can therefore bring significant economic benefits. Investments in passive cooling and heating technologies not only pay off over time through lower energy consumption (resulting in lower utility bills), but can also increase the overall value of the property.

Improving energy efficiency and adding a touch of elegant design, Corradi Pergotenda®  solutions are versatile and intelligent products able to enhance outdoor spaces. Opting for these structures means taking a real step towards more sustainable and comfortable living.

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