Creating a corner of privacy in the garden

Creating a corner of privacy in the garden
Fine weather is an invitation to spend time outdoors, but this does not mean giving up your privacy: with the right design choices, you can create your own private oasis, where you can relax in total tranquillity.

So let's see how you can achieve an intimate and cosy environment as well as create a privacy space in any veranda or garden.



Protection and privacy for the garden with side covers i

A pergola is an excellent solution if you want to fully enjoy the outdoor space. In fact, it allows you to create a well-ventilated area which is sheltered from the sun. Furthermore, with the right furnishings, it is also extremely comfortable.

Moreover, it can become even more inviting with the addition of side closures: a simple and effective solution for a shady environment. Side closures also offer protection from the cold during winter, ensuring a comfortable and sheltered area all year round. They are also a practical way of finding intimacy outdoors, providing privacy and ambience compared to neighbouring verandas.   

Aura is the ideal Corradi closure system for adding comfort and privacy to your pergola. In fact, this is a system composed of panels with fixed or movable blades, available in aluminium or heat-treated ash wood.

Aura adapts to any environment and style and is perfect for those seeking a balance between comfort and privacy in their garden. In fact, it allows users to regulate the passage of air and sunlight, but also gives you your desired degree of seclusion.

Reimagining and fully experiencing outdoor spaces

Therefore, thanks to the side closures, a pergola can become a true outdoor retreat to be experienced just like any other part of the house. 

Choosing the right pergola for your garden is crucial. Corradi solutions include Imago®, which stands out for being the ideal structure for those seeking a space designed for outdoor living in total serenity. In fact, its cover with adjustable blades allows to control the passage of natural light on sunny days and provides protection from the rain. This ensures a comfortable and functional environment in all weather conditions.

Furthermore, thanks to its Private module, Imago® offers the possibility of creating a private and versatile space. With its sliding panels, this version of Imago® can be used as a changing room, storage space for chairs and sun loungers, wardrobe, crockery and much more. Whatever your idea of outdoor living, this solution will enable you to enjoy an area of comfort and privacy on your balcony or veranda. 


Therefore, innovative solutions such as pergolas fitted with side closure systems, such as Corradi's Aura, provide not only protection from the elements and light regulation, but also the opportunity to create an intimate and cosy environment that is perfect for relaxing and enjoying your privacy. Choosing the right structure, such as Imago® with its adjustable blades and sliding panels, adds versatility and functionality, enabling the outdoor space to be transformed into a personalised, comfortable retreat for every occasion.

By implementing these solutions, every garden can become an oasis of tranquillity and serenity, ideal for spending quality time outdoors in complete privacy

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