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Corradi brings “The Outdoor Evolution” to R+T: a vision to turn the world of solar covers upside down

Corradi brings “The Outdoor Evolution” to R+T: a vision to turn the world of solar covers upside down
Keyword: renewal. Six years after the last edition attended in-person, the Italian company arrives in Stuttgart, bringing along the enthusiasm that only creativity can provide. Like a butterfly breaking free of its cocoon, Corradi once again sets out to change the outdoor living sector in a mere fluttering of its wings.
The new system is actually called “Butterfly”, and is turning the world of canvas covers “upside down”. All the details about it will be unveiled at the trade fair.
With a stand occupying 255 sq. m. – Hall 6 – C12, Corradi will guide visitors to discover a new way of experiencing the outdoors, thanks to innovative and elegant solutions designed for all types of installations, from residential to hospitality spaces.

Corradi recreates for the trade fair a place in constant renewal, where the brand's new structures and colours designed for the 2024 season take centre stage and become the voice of a more subtle and profound change.
A palette that speaks to the design world and invites one to travel. From the Mediterranean green of Delphi, to the neutral colour of the dunes of Pilat, to the modern skyline of New York, while retaining a touch of personality that recalls the warmth of the earth with Petra and the meditative dimension of the sea with Capri.
However, the spotlight will not only be on this new solution. Stand C12 of Hall 6 will feature the iconic Defense, a nautically-inspired sun sail, and Alba, with the adjustable blade version that is the flagship of Corradi's range. And finally, Imago®, the bioclimatic pergola that goes beyond the concept of outdoor space to become a “place” for outdoor living, winning the R+T Innovation Award in 2021 for these features.

R+T is undoubtedly the most relevant trade fair in Europe for this sector, so it was a natural choice for us to showcase our latest innovations here. Since its inception, Corradi's objective has been to create outdoor solutions that respond to the demands of the market, while continuing to innovate and evolve, but also to surprise”, says Stefano Sghedoni Head of Sales Department at Corradi. “This was the inspiration that led us to create the Butterfly system and continues to be the driving force behind our company. Corradi has evolved over the years, which is why we wanted to bring the outdoor evolution concept to R+T. However, we were firm in our decision never to change some fundamental things. Listening to the market, watching the world with curiosity, allowing ourselves to be inspired by trends that lie outside our bubble, these are features that have always distinguished us and bring with them transformation and renewal. Made in Italy and an international mentality, deep and shared roots at all levels of the company and a constant desire to look forward are not contradictions. This is what makes Corradi a company that does not dwell on past glories and is committed to continuing to create value in the outdoor world. This is how the new Butterfly system was conceived, and we are confident that this innovation, as it was originally for Pergotenda®, will influence the future of our industry”.

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