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Small dehors, huge potential: Introducing Pergotenda® Exyl by Corradi

Small dehors, huge potential: Introducing Pergotenda® Exyl by Corradi

Minimalism and functionality for a perfect outdoor space

When we design our house, or the outdoor area of our restaurant, the attention given to the exterior is increasingly important. Being able to count on a space that can accommodate our guests, or function as an actual room in which to carry out daily activities, is a major advantage that adds square footage to our garden and value to our property.

Creating a comfortable place when the outdoor space has limited dimensions can be a fascinating challenge for the outdoor designer, a response to the need for minimalism and practicality, which often calls for clean, refined, but also functional solutions to suit any style and space requirements.


In this article we will look at some solutions for making full use of the outdoor area of a home or structure, when the space available is modest, but still usable.

Pergotenda® Exyl

When dealing with small spaces, Corradi's Pergotenda® Exyl is the perfect solution, combining minimalism with elegance and practicality.

Adding a cover like the Pergotenda® Exyl becomes a key factor in giving a garden area a specific function. The freestanding aluminium pergola becomes a signature feature to define outdoor relaxation or dining areas, integrating greenery into the design.

Entirely made of aluminium, Exyl can be configured as either a freestanding or lean-to pergola, available only with a flat cover canvas. The minimalist design is the feature that has made it a success. It is lightweight and has no side closures, making it a practical and handy outdoor option that is extremely functional.

In the freestanding version, the Pergotenda® Exyl features structural steel pillars, a material that is both light and strong for improved mechanical strength, making it solid and compact, creating an environment in which you can feel safe and free, and at ease. The standard canvas allows water to drain to the ground even when there is no inclination, while the mechanical movement is hidden from view because it is incorporated within the beam created with an innovative aluminium profile, for an unmistakably minimalist and stylish design.

There is no shortage of customisation possibilities: from the sizes available, which allow up to a maximum of 1050 x 600 cm per single module, to the configuration of the canvas, which can be made taut with spacers or trapezoidal, with continuous or alternating rain water drainage, on one or two sides.
Finally, there is the option of manual operation, with dimensions of 350 x 600 cm and 700 x 600 cm, in both the freestanding and the lean-to versions.


Exyl Espresso

Simple for the outdoor space of your business, Exyl Espresso is the perfect solution for transforming even a small outdoor space into a useable area.
The structure is made of aluminium with steel pillars for improved mechanical strength and is available in modules of fixed dimensions measuring 200 x 400 cm with a total height of 300 cm. Discover all the available colours and configuration possibilities in the dedicated section and request information here.

How to furnish your garden when space is limited

Adding a cover within the garden is a useful way of creating a designated area, which can be used as an organised space where we can spend our free time, for example by adding a table for outdoor dining and providing peace and quiet for the moments we dedicate to ourselves and our family.


The choice of walls and flooring for outdoor structures is also important, both to establish a nest in our garden with limited dimensions and to achieve an aesthetically pleasing finish. Choosing to decorate walls with creepers, for example, offers privacy without compromising natural light. Flat paving with ceramic paving slabs and wooden boards, alternating with the lawn, can create a sense of order in the space and a balance between nature and structure.

Furnishing spaces with outdoor bookcases and shelving can provide us with additional storage space and surfaces where we can insert ornaments such as pots and plants. Seating and furniture will help us increase the comfort of our space, transforming it into an oasis of relaxation and tranquillity.

Discover the potential of the Pergotenda Exyl and Exyl Espresso at
Transform your garden into a place of sophistication and practicality, where every detail counts to create a welcoming environment, perfect for relaxation and entertaining.

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