Alchemy between
Nature and Design

Corradi is able to transform an open-air area into an outdoor living space.
Like an alchemist, Corradi integrates outdoor solutions into all kinds of natural settings. Thus, the outdoor living space is created by Corradi, to harmoniously and perfectly communicate with its inhabitant.

The outdoors,
tailored to your desires

From a small local workshop to an internationally-recognised brand, without ever forgetting its roots.This is the Corradi experience: Made in Italy quality and innovation, combined with a unique and original character, state-of-the-art production facilities, and sartorial attention to detail.
The result is a product dedicated specifically to those who will enjoy it, custom-made with the precision and safety of a major brand-name workshop.

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Taking care of outdoor spaces during the cold season:  tips for winter outdoors

Taking care of outdoor spaces during the cold season: tips for winter outdoors


While we are used to spending time in the garden or on the terrace outdoors during the summer, enjoying nature at its most lush and lively, there is no reason why the space has to go into hibernation once the winter comes. To the contrary, the arrival of the cold season marks the beginning of a new cycle where the outdoor space takes on a different identity, changing in structure, furnishings and colours. Moreover, taking care of your garden or balcony during the winter will let you have the outdoor space of your dreams once the summer is back.

Protecting the spaces against the elements, doing some maintenance on the structures and carefully choosing materials and furnishing accessories are fundamental activities when talking about a garden or a terrace. Let's take a look at some tips for beautiful winter outdoors.

Enjoying outside spaces more: how to use the outdoors

Enjoying outside spaces more: how to use the outdoors

Having a nice garden or a terrace, whether big or small, means being able to enjoy the surrounding natural space without straying too far from the comfort of home. If you then decide to protect your outdoors with outdoor covers, you will create an environment to enjoy more freely throughout the year.
Bioclimatics, pergolas and sun sails are an excellent solution to create protected, sheltered areas. But not only that: they also allow the outside to be transformed into functional outdoor areas where it is possible to carry out activities en plein air. Versatile and practical environments where you can bring to life projects and desires for an outdoor space tailored to your needs.

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