Alchemy between
Nature and Design

Corradi is able to transform an open-air area into an outdoor living space.
Like an alchemist, Corradi integrates outdoor solutions into all kinds of natural settings. Thus, the outdoor living space is created by Corradi, to harmoniously and perfectly communicate with its inhabitant.

The outdoors,
tailored to your desires

From a small local workshop to an internationally-recognised brand, without ever forgetting its roots.This is the Corradi experience: Made in Italy quality and innovation, combined with a unique and original character, state-of-the-art production facilities, and sartorial attention to detail.
The result is a product dedicated specifically to those who will enjoy it, custom-made with the precision and safety of a major brand-name workshop.

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Corradi at Romazo business day

Corradi at Romazo business day

A special event will offer Corradi the chance to get in contact with the leaders of the sun protection business in the Netherlands: this is the “Romazo day” on November 6th, organized by the association of the sector.

Corradi at Meesters in de Tuin: devoted to outdoor design excellence.

Corradi at Meesters in de Tuin: devoted to outdoor design excellence.

40 selected companies, 500 architects attending, a location with a high aesthetic and architectural value. On October 19th, Corradi will represent “Made in Italy” at Meesters in de Tuin, in Cuijk, The Netherlands. One day dedicated to meetings, thoughts and brainstorming between master companies and landscape architects, organized by Inspyrum, a Dutch company well kown in the outdoor industry.

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