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Maestro bioclimatic pergola: a cosy outdoor area for Nhero Milano


A well-known reference point for aperitifs in Milan, Nhero Milano has undergone constant research and development over the years to become what it is now: a refined and elegant environment, where shapes, colours and furnishings are all designed to enhance the visitor's experience.
Natural materials (including roots, river pebbles, branches, and a vertical garden) and classic colours - integrated seamlessly into the surrounding environment - have been used in its most recent renovation works. The result is a delicate and welcoming composition, where the interior blends with the outdoor space thanks to the use of a Maestro bioclimatic pergola.
Maestro bioclimatic pergola for a refined and elegant outdoor area
Maestro bioclimatic pergola, protects the outdoor area. In fact, it is possible to create a controlled microclimate by adjusting the blades (which can be adjusted up to 140°), depending on the amount of light or shade desired inside the structure. Thanks to its clean design, Maestro blends seamlessly with both the mood of the venue and the atmosphere of the neighbourhood, creating an elegant, sophisticated, and functional space.
Completely motorised and with no visible screws, Maestro's clean lines and exceptional functionality provide an environment that is both aesthetically pleasing and exceptionally comfortable: the ideal location for a break from the hectic pace of the Milanese metropolis.
Project Nhero Milano
Designer Giuseppe Falvo | Trincea d'Architettura
Master Dealer Biscarini
Images Vito Corvasce

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