The future of the outdoors: bioclimatic pergolas, Pergotenda® models and sun sails for cafés and restaurants

The future of the outdoors: bioclimatic pergolas, Pergotenda® models and sun sails for cafés and restaurants
This is what has happened in Milan, Lugano, Brussels. But also in small provincial towns, in tourist resorts, by the sea, or in even more attractive places; in cafés, restaurants, resorts or B&Bs. No one is excluded: customers increasingly want to eat, drink and spend relaxing moments outdoors, enjoying the comfort and privacy of covered outdoor structures. The question many café, restaurant and accommodation owners are asking themselves is clear: how can they rethink their outdoor spaces to create an environment that can be used throughout the year, not only in summer, but also in winter and early spring? The answer is simple: with a Corradi pergola or Pergotenda®. And if you're looking for inspiration, here are some outdoor structure concepts for cafés, restaurants and hotels to explore.


Nhero Milano: the Corradi Bioclimatic pergola renders the “Maestro” touch


Taking a break from the daily grind? Milan's Nhero Café is a must: the famous Milanese eatery is the ideal meeting place for all those who want to forget (at least for a while) the hectic pace of the city. How? Spend even just a couple of hours for an aperitif in one of the three welcoming iron outdoor structures: an installation featuring Corradi's Bioclimatic Maestro. With its unmistakable style, Maestro provides Nhero Milano with avant-garde private spaces full of warmth and privacy.  In short, a delightful city oasis for aperitifs, events and private parties, or dinner or pizza with friends.


Don Giovanni: comfortably accommodated in a Pergotenda® Maestro where the view is captivating

Facing the sea, just in front of the characteristic beach in Vlissingen in the Netherlands, is the small restaurant Don Giovanni. Here, after a short sightseeing tour of the harbour, you can relax and enjoy an excellent lunch, welcomed in a pleasant and peaceful environment. Our Pergotenda® Maestro frames the special panorama and contributes to the comfort and experience of tourists who decide to treat themselves to a gourmet break in a cosy environment.


Hotel Splendide Royal: a bioclimatic pergola for dream exteriors

The setting is the enchanting Lake Ceresio, in the Swiss Pre-Alps, a stone's throw from the centre of Lugano. The accommodation is the sought-after and historic Hotel Splendide Royal, one of the most exclusive places in the Canton of Ticino. In the garden of this facility, which recalls the architectural splendour of the belle époque, there is a Maestro bioclimatic pergola: not only as a design element to give a new personality to the surrounding space, but also as an evocative and fascinating refreshment area to experience the hotel's outdoor spaces in a new way. What do you think?


Don't call it a restaurant or a hotel. It's a RistOrto, with Maestrale sun sails

It is difficult to define an establishment such as Casa Format in Orbassano, in the province of Turin, in traditional terms. The concept of this space envisages a new way of experiencing hospitality, in symbiosis between nature and cuisine, under the banner of sustainability. The surrounding natural landscape is an integral part of the design, by architects Carlo Colombo and Maria Grazia Bono, in which outdoor and indoor spaces flow seamlessly together. The outdoor area is the heart of the design, where a large vegetable garden dominates the landscape. The space is enhanced by a dining and relaxation area in which Corradi's Maestrale sun sail stands out, reflecting the structure's concept of nature and harmony. Allowing people to enjoy the fantastic view and the peace of nature even during the hottest moments of the day.


In short: Corradi's bioclimatic pergolas, Pergotenda® models and sun sails are well known as authentic furnishing accessories capable of elegantly and exclusively decorating any type of outdoor space. And if you want to discover even more contract designs created by Corradi, you can find them here.

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