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Starting off with wellness: the outdoor sauna

Starting off with wellness: the outdoor sauna
January is par excellence the month of fresh starts. At a time when nature is regenerating itself, we too seek our ritual of rebirth.
With the New Year still fresh, the desire to get off on the right foot and take care of oneself opens the door to wellness and the search for methods and practices that are good for our bodies and minds.

“Wellness” is an increasingly broad field that encompasses many dimensions that aim to improve the quality of life in every aspect. Ranging from those that concern our bodies and our health, to the design of the environments in which we live, to the care of spaces in function of comfort, giving rise to a widespread approach.


Home sauna

One trend that has caught on in the field of personal wellness is the “sauna”. At a time when the search for moments of relaxation and regeneration is becoming increasingly popular, the possibility of creating a sauna directly in the home is becoming a popular option.

It is not just about having a simple installation, but about creating a customised corner that reflects individual preferences and blends harmoniously into the domestic space. A response to the search for daily balance and wellness, transforming the home into a sanctuary of personal relaxation, bringing with it all the positive effects of the sauna, from the most traditional to modern design solutions.

In fact, there are different types of saunas that can be recreated at home, from the well-known Finnish sauna to infrared saunas, from the Turkish bath to salt saunas. In this article we will describe some of them, to provide inspiration and help you imagine your own outdoor sauna.


Outdoor wellness

The garden emerges as the ideal setting for a sauna, where the enveloping warmth blends with the freshness of the open air. In this combination of warmth and nature, the outdoors becomes the perfect place to cultivate one's own wellness, offering an intimate and regenerating refuge that embraces body and spirit.

Modern “infrared” saunas use infrared rays to directly heat the body, penetrating deep into it without heating the surrounding air. They promote circulation and are often used as remedies to alleviate muscle pain and stimulate detoxification.


The “Turkish Bath” on the other hand uses steam to create a humid environment, ideal for moisturising the skin, opening pores, improving circulation and promoting relaxation.

Particularly suitable for open-air environments is the Nordic sauna, better known as the “Finnish” sauna: with its dry, enveloping heat, it is an iconic symbol of its kind. This sauna is made of high-quality wood and is heated with volcanic stones. It offers dry, circulating heat, promoting sweating and muscle relaxation. Often covered in pine wood, it blends in with the trees and nature and represents a real revolution in luxury home décor.

When choosing a sauna for the garden, it is essential to consider personal preferences, available space and specific wellness needs.

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The magic of saunas lies in their connection with nature. Many types incorporate natural elements such as wood and stone, creating an ambience reminiscent of the tranquillity of a forest, as a refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

In this age of change and new perspectives, investing in one's own health and well-being is an important decision, which through small and large gestures opens the door to a new concept of wellness, increasingly in touch with nature.

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