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Outdoor Trends 2024: global spirit and boundless design

Outdoor Trends 2024: global spirit and boundless design
The year 2024 is looming under the banner of the outdoors. The new trend in outdoor design, inspired by travel, embraces and transforms outdoor spaces into evocative and relaxing settings where nature, design and architecture come together to create boundless environments.
From coveted travel destinations to design and lifestyle trends, the outdoors and the way it is cared for will be a fundamental constant that will accompany us in the months to come.

Trendy destinations as design inspiration

The 2024 forecast opens up on a world of globetrotters, seeking international destinations with a preference for outdoor experiences. National parks, breathtaking views and pristine beaches will be the most sought-after destinations, in search of new spaces to enjoy, between nature and design.

A significant change in the way people will conceive their travel experiences: it will no longer be just about visiting extraordinary places, but about immersing themselves in scenery that offers a harmonious balance between natural and architectural beauty.


The choice of destinations that enhance open spaces suggests a growing desire for physical and mental regeneration, with nature as a catalyst for wellness. Breathtaking views and moments of pure contemplation will be an elixir for the mind, offering thought-provoking breaks and escape routes from routine.

In this context, the aspiration for the fusion of nature and design also becomes evident in outdoor furniture, with solutions reflecting the desire to bring the evocative atmosphere of these destinations directly into homes and outdoor spaces. The quest for authentic experiences will drive the creation of environments that celebrate the pristine beauty of nature, helping to shape the way we conceive the concept of travel and wellness in 2024.

Colours, trends e positive vibes

The 2024 design will be tinged with pastel shades and vibrant greens, conveying a message of hope and flexibility.
The choice of 2024 furniture shades will not only be a question of aesthetics, but an expression of lightness and serenity: a response to the search for a visual and sensory refuge from the daily hustle and bustle. The bright greens, inspired by the vitality of nature, convey a sense of freshness and renewal, emphasising the deep connection between outdoor spaces and inner well-being.
Colour will therefore not only be a design element, but a proper tool that will transform outdoor spaces into places of inspiration and regeneration.


Boundless design

Inspired by the idea of architecture out of the ordinary, 2024 will see the growth of relaxation islands, home office corners and open-air tables that will become a hallmark of boundless design, in which functionality is combined with aesthetics.

The decks will be oases of tranquillity, places where you can escape to relax and regenerate in an environment surrounded by nature. Outdoor home office corners will provide a dedicated work space at one with its surroundings, allowing a deeper connection with the outdoors during daily activities.


The open-air lounge areas will be conceived as places of social gathering and will be the focal point of shared moments, where boundless design is translated into solutions that blend seamlessly into the outdoor spaces, creating an inviting atmosphere.
Stainless steel kitchens, woven corten partitions and weatherproof stoneware countertops will become the undisputed stars of outdoor spaces.

We are looking forward to a 2024 in which the outdoors will be the protagonist, a domestic landscape immersed in nature, a relaxing and informal place to spend moments of socialising en plein air.
An itinerant journey, between design and escapism, where the relaxed atmosphere of outdoor spaces and the sense of freedom of life in the open air will shape a new concept of outdoor living.

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