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Innovation and Transformation: Butterfly is born

Innovation and Transformation: Butterfly is born
A new chapter in our history has begun. In fact, 26 years after the introduction of Pergotenda®, we are preparing to revolutionise the concept of canvas coverage once again with Butterfly, the new pantograph folding system.


Butterfly owes its name to the opening and closing movement of a butterfly's wings, which is reminiscent of that of a pantograph.
Previewed in Stuttgart during R+T, the global trade fair dedicated to roller shutters, Butterfly represents a new chapter in the evolution of Corradi pergolas.


When applied to Alba, the new Butterfly system unveils a light and elegant structure - Alba Butterfly - featuring slender 11 x 11 cm pillars and wide 12.2 x 8.7 cm gutters. In addition to its aesthetically pleasing appearance, Alba Butterfly offers excellent performance as well.
Features built into Alba Butterfly include a perimeter gutter that guarantee rain-proofing that is almost 6 times higher than the limits imposed by EU regulations. Robustness is guaranteed by continuous radius curved canvas support tubes which facilitate rainwater runoff. The flat canvas along the gutter also minimises dripping inside the pergola, ensuring a smooth outdoor experience.


Alba Butterfly's versatility is found in its ability to achieve considerable dimensions with a single 4-pillar module, up to 550 x 715 cm. This makes it ideal for catering, hospitality and residential use. The possibility of completing Alba Butterfly with all the closures from the Corradi range and incorporating LED lighting throughout the interior perimeter makes it possible to create a unique look.


Its distinctive, elegant design and high performance, have enabled Alba Butterfly to win the R+T Innovation Award 2024 in the Outdoor category. A prestigious achievement that underlines the importance of this solution in the landscape of outdoor space design.
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