Hotel Design: products Made in Italy furnish luxury hotels all over the world

Hotel Design: products Made in Italy furnish luxury hotels all over the world

Travel and the needs of travellers have changed a lot in recent years. In fact, those who decide to embark on a journey are increasingly oriented towards personalised experiences that allow them to satisfy their desires and, at the same time, to fully appreciate the local culture. For this to happen, it is important that close attention be paid to services and furnishings through a Hotel Design that is able to combine and merge style, technology, comfort and harmony with the natural environment. As far as the luxury hotel sector is concerned, Italian furniture and design companies are actively engaged in regions all over the world, both in consolidated markets like the United States and the Middle East and in the emerging markets of Asia and Africa.

What are the characteristics and values that make products Made in Italy so desirable for foreign markets, and what are the latest trends for luxury and designer hotels? Let's find out together!

Made in Italy equals craftsmanship and innovation

Made in Italy is in great demand throughout the world, and the furniture sector is no exception. What is most appreciated in Italian design is the added value of craftsmanship that renders furniture and furnishing accessories truly beautiful. The quality of the raw materials used, the expertise of the artisans and the innate sense of beauty that distinguish the products of our country make Italian style the most loved in the world and suitable for any setting thanks to a constant focus on innovation and creativity.

Tradition and innovation: Corradi knows well how these two elements are essential for the creation of products that are both elegant and practical at the same time, capable of offering precious, unique experiences. With their iconic and refined style, products Made in Italy furnish luxury hotels all over the world. But what are the most fashionable trends in Hotel Design, in Italy and abroad?

Hotel Design: the latest trends in space management

The furniture industry invests heavily in luxury hotels and resorts because they represent the best showcases to make their brands known internationally. In a world constantly under the microscope of social networks, realities like Instagram – based on images and the immediacy of communication – are fundamental for the reputation of a hotel and, consequently, for those who furnish it. The photos and selfies that are taken inside hotels, especially in the areas dedicated to foodservice, can potentially reach any part of the world instantly. For this reason, more and more attention is being paid to the choice of style, objects and the dialogue between spaces, to create environments that are exclusive and appealing, even in pictures

The latest trends that inspire luxury hotels are the same that influence the whole world of furnishings and contemporary living, specifically:

  • Modular solutions: environments blend to create multifunctional spaces and to promote socialisation. Common areas, lounges and dining areas are no longer clearly separated but rather dialogue with each other.
  • Outdoor living: in Hotel Design outdoor spaces are becoming increasingly important and are furnished in a functional way to create a connection between interiors and exteriors, encouraging physical activity in the open air, dining on the terrace or allowing direct access to the hotel's private beach.
  • Environmental and cultural awareness: modern luxury hotel facilities are more and more harmonised with the surrounding natural and architectural landscape and with the local culture. This promotes environmental sustainability and guarantees hotel guests an authentic experience.
  • A splash of colour: colour will play a key role this year, with the rediscovery of bright, vivid hues for walls and furnishing accessories. The Pantone colour for 2019 is Living Coral, a shade between pink and orange that immediately transports you to the depths of the coral reef. Combined with neutral colours like grey, it will make the environment refined and trendy: the perfect combination for the elegant hall of a Designer Hotel.

Italian style Hotel Design: examples from around the globe

We have seen the strength of products Made in Italy abroad and analysed the emerging trends in the hotel industry. But what are some prime examples of interior design projects for luxury hotels in Italy and in the world?

An example of Hotel Design in Italy is the Hotel Parco dei Principi in Sorrento, a renovated 18th-century house designed by the architect Gio Ponti. The hotel is an extraordinary example of elegance and design, with coloured ceramics that cover the walls in an interplay of overlays and reliefs. Also in Italy, the Virgilius Mountain Resort in Merano, designed by Marco Thun, is a highly eco-sustainable building that blends well with its surrounding landscape. Built primarily of wood and glass, this beautiful hotel expresses an absolute respect for nature and offers a convergence of interior and exterior spaces thanks to an attentive design.

Lastly, the furnishings sector also transports the value of products Made in Italy abroad: from the design of the first five-star hotel in Iceland (The Retreat at Blue Lagoon, Iceland) to the Bulgari Hotel in Beijing and Dubai, from the furnishings of the W Jaffa Hotel in Israel to collaborations and interior design projects ranging from Mexico, Spain and the United States to Thailand. Italian style can be found all over the world thanks to its perfect combination of elegance, top-quality materials and comfort technology.

Outdoor spaces are no less important. Indeed, when it comes to Hotel Design they are a distinctive element of success stories, as in the case of Iaki Hotel, which overlooks the crystal clear waters of the Black Sea on the beach in Mamaia, a popular tourist resort in Romania. Here the owner wanted to renew the outdoor area, increasing the number of tables on the terrace of the restaurant and offering guests shade and shelter from the heat without having to give up the magnificent view.

The collaboration with Corradi and the installation of Pergotenda® B-Space allowed us to create a practical, durable architecture in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape, resulting in a significant increase in turnover for the luxury hotel's restaurant and its terrace bar.

Products Made in Italy furnish Designer Hotels all over the world, and it's clear to all that nothing makes a stay more exclusive than a welcoming, refined and comfortable environment. Which furnishing solutions have impressed you most during your travels?

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