Ultra Violet is the colour of the year, even for the outdoors

Ultra Violet is the colour of the year, even for the outdoors

This year the experts at Pantone Colour Institute have come up with a difficult, flamboyant colour, often considered inappropriate (don't dare wear it to the theatre!). No, don't call it violet, because it is much more than that: it is Ultra Violet, the Pantone colour of 2018 that will set trends and be used in combinations and experiments in the worlds of fashion, design and furniture until December. We have studied it for you and we want to reveal what we have discovered, especially when it comes to using the colour of the year in outdoor furniture.

Are you ready?

Ultra Violet: the Pantone colour of 2018 invites you to dare

It is a colour with a strong character that loves to dare and that communicates freedom. Moreover, Leatrice Eiseman, president of the Pantone Colour Institute, defined it as "inventive and imaginative, Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come". For this reason it has always been loved by the stars and the icons of music, from Jimi Hendrix to Prince, often forerunners of fashions and talent scouts on the lookout for status symbols.

"Ultra Violet suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what lies ahead, and the discoveries beyond where we are now. The vast and limitless night sky is symbolic of what is possible and continues to inspire the desire to pursue a world beyond our own", clarify the experts at the Pantone Colour Institute, appealing to the world of design so that it can continue to inspire and influence.

How? The challenge is intriguing for those looking at the future of design through its ability to innovate and create solutions that are never dull. Even proposing apt combinations and daring proposals, not necessarily using PANTONE 18-3838 everywhere.

Because, let's be clear: Ultra Violet isn't black, it doesn't go with everything. And while fashion and make-up can dare with more confidence, as shown by the great popularity of the colour of the year on the catwalk and with celebrities on Instagram, furnishing interiors or exteriors with such a strong colour can be more challenging.

So what can we do? We use it to add some flair! Here are three tips for those who want to keep up with the latest trends and to use Ultra Violet in their outdoor settings, in an elegant and clean manner.

Ultra Violet and the outdoors: what can we do with it?

There is no doubt that the PANTONE colour chosen for 2018 is the brightest and has the greatest personality of the last eight years, and this is a great stimulus for creativity.  Ultra Violet breaks the mould, it's the colour of imagination, of the cosmos, of flowers. Elements capable of even inspiring the creation of an original outdoor space with great impact.

Let's see how.

Dare with colours for a precious effect

First of all, let's start from the basics: the nuance of the year is created by mixing red and blue, even if these, together with the complementary yellow colour, are perhaps among the least recommended combinations. Better to use brighter and cleaner shades like white, grey, salt & pepper or black for pergolas that can act as magnificent frames for the outdoors, and then add new vitality through well-placed and defined points of colour: wonderful pouffes, sofas, vases, polycarbonate chairs and stools or ultra violet candles, for a timeless elegance.

However, with gold and metals Ultra Violet becomes luxurious and dazzling, so the combination with aluminium outdoor frames is highly recommended for a chic and classy effect, highly valued in hotels and restaurants. 
For your outdoor space, however, you can combine ultra violet objects of design with frames in neutral colours like black, white and grey, or dare with shades of green to achieve a Provençal style.

And speaking of Provence...

Design a garden with ultra violet flowers and plants

The design of gardens inspired by nature is an integral part of exterior design. What better opportunity than the Ultra Violet Pantone colour of 2018 to design your outdoor space by adding violet flowers and plants, a symbol of grace and femininity? With lavender you can't go wrong: you will be fashionable and elegant in one shot, creating environments that are able to excite, like standing in front of the spectacle of lavender fields in bloom.

If instead you want to use Ultra Violet to decorate pergolas and terraces, Nature offers beautiful vines like Clematis, Passion Flower, Wisteria or Bougainvillea with strong hues to experience outdoor spaces with romantic character.

And finally...

Play with lights

Being very attentive to details, we know that lights in outdoor furniture are not just accessories, but essential elements to create a dream environment. Why not play with the lighting to pay homage to the Ultra Violet Pantone colour of the year? A simple LED for a summer dinner or a drink by the pool can immediately change the atmosphere, making it sparkling and full of inspiration.

Do you prefer just a touch of violet light? Then try designer lamps to embellish the corners of your outdoor setting, making it warm and cosy.

Imaginative and luminous, Ultra Violet is a Pantone Colour of the year that is absolutely irresistible, don't you think? How are you using it in your outdoor space?

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