Pergotenda®: everything you need to know about Corradi's patented outdoor solution.

Pergotenda®: everything you need to know about Corradi's patented outdoor solution.
Designing the outdoor space of your home or establishment does not only mean choosing the right furnishings for your garden, balcony or terrace, or the greenery to decorate it; functionality and convenience are the first factors you have to consider.
Which is the best solution? How can it be adapted to your space and style needs? Which materials to choose? How does a pergola work?

First of all, you should know that although they are all solar coverings, there are important differences between bioclimatic pergolas, sun sails and Pergotenda® in terms of technology, functionality, and even budget. Each of them comes in different models and declinations, with different aesthetic features and modes of use, so choosing the type of structure best suited to your needs is the first step you must take when redesigning your patio.


Today we will focus on Pergotenda®: the patented system of sliding stacking/folding covers that combines innovative materials, cutting edge technology and sophisticated design. When you picture your patio or the outdoor space next to your home or establishment, the first thing you think about is a pergola, but Pergotenda® is much more than a simple covering.
In aluminium or wood, wall-mounted or free-standing, flat or inclined, open or closed on the sides, this solution gives you a wide range of options to enjoy your outdoor space at its best. Among other factors, to choose the Pergotenda® that better suits your needs you have to assess the design, technology, aesthetics, accessories and functions that each model offers.

Pergotenda® models: a comparison

Corradi solutions are capable of enhancing any setting and are suitable for both domestic and public spaces, but above all for interpreting and anticipating trends with an eye to the future.

Il Design

As far as design is concerned, there are some style considerations that you should make when planning the appearance of your outdoors.
For example, Maestro is an eclectic product with multiple identities, offering a wide range of configurations that allow you to personalise its structure, size and colours. Thanks to its extreme versatility, this solution – available both as Pergotenda® or in bioclimatic version – is perfect for the contract sector, where pergolas are a frequent choice for outdoor spaces or gardens.
For those who prefer a more classic style, Palladia® features clean and essential lines, a design created to stand the test of time. In addition to its excellent value for money, this pergola is perfect for customisation, precisely because one of its most important features are its clear-cut lines.


The perfect mix of minimalism and functionality, Exyl features a light structure without side closures and it is available in the free-standing and wall-mounted versions.
The aluminium Pergotenda® B-Space ensures a great visual impact and the best balance between functionality and aesthetics. It maximises the outside space for you to enjoy, with multiple solutions to make it blend harmoniously with the inside.
For those who appreciate beautiful things that gain in value over time, not only on a sentimental level but also in aesthetic quality, Pergotenda® 45 is a synthesis of design and functionality. A wood pergola that does not fear the passage of time, but rather becomes more beautiful year after year thanks to a classic style that never goes out of fashion, and that harmonises naturally with any setting.



Innovation, technology and great personality are key elements in the entire Pergotenda® collection by Corradi. Aluminium is the main material in all models, with the exception of Pergotenda® 45, where wood, a natural, living and romantic material, is the ideal choice to convey warmth and cosiness to the outdoor space. This option is also very suitable for the terraces of restaurants located in particularly charming places, where Pergotenda® 45 can enhance the romantic and intimate atmosphere. Almost all Corradi models are equipped with mechanised closing, but in some cases, as with Exyl, you can choose to include manual handling for certain dimensions.
All structures can be further customised with perimeter closures and integrated LED lighting, to create unique and charming environments.


Besides the more or less modern style associated with each structure material, the colour you choose also contributes to the general appearance of Corradi's Pergotenda®.
From Anthracite to Titanium, from Salt & Pepper to Dark Bronze, Ivory, White Plus, Night Black and all RAL shades to be combined with modular platforms made of ceramic or Ipe wood, with its warm shades of brown and olive green: the finishes available for all Corradi solutions define the character and aesthetic appeal of the structures.



Integrated LED lights and gutters, manual or motorised canvas covers, fabric or glass side covers, customisable finishes and more: accessories can really make a difference in choosing the solution that perfectly suits your outdoors. Each Pergotenda® model offers different perimeter closures, lights and complements to meet your every need, and they can be truly decisive elements, more than simple details. The wide selection of closures allows you to choose according to your personal taste and desire for more or less privacy, different levels of protection and permeability to air and light, while remaining in harmony with the elements of nature. 
With our solutions, we have always given space to your time, so that you can fill it with quality and functionality. Start designing your outdoor space on our website and choose the Pergotenda® that suits you best.


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