The autumn palette is invading the outdoors: let's discover together all the colours of the 2022 season to furnish your garden in Comfy Chic style.

The autumn palette is invading the outdoors: let's discover together all the colours of the 2022 season to furnish your garden in Comfy Chic style.
At the end of summer, we might think that we can no longer make use of our outdoor space. However, those who have a pergola already know that all it takes is a few simple tricks to enjoy the mild autumn temperatures allowing us to create pleasant moments in the open air surrounded by the typical colours of this season.

Between cheerful hues and bold combinations, together we can discover which colours are a must.

Inevitably, yellow, the star of this season, accompanies the transition from the sunny months to those with the first days of cold weather, when the bright colours of summer give way to the intense hues and velvety shades of ochre and orange. Between country settings, lively picnics, and balconies with eccentric nuances, colour becomes a furnishing accessory, helping us to personalise and experience our outdoor space to the full, altering its appearance to the changing seasons.


From spring until the end of September, green and all its shades frame our space and help define the setting. 
But, autumn is definitely the ideal time to enjoy the multicoloured spectacle that nature treats us to. In these months, our outdoor space becomes even more welcoming and comfortable and, equipped with strategic soft fabrics and comfortable furniture, we can feast our eyes on the warm colours typical of this period, such as purples, reds, darker shades of greens and browns.
This is also reflected in the trends presented at Maison & Objet 2022. Colour Power and Kaleidoscope are the style trends that have emerged for autumn 2022. Outdoor furniture, like indoor furniture, is characterised by monochromes, colour blocking (the juxtaposition of contrasting shades) and ombré (the gradual transition from a darker to a lighter shade). These concepts find expression in a non-conformist inspiration typical of the 1970s, characterised by geometric motifs and stylised flowers in shades of purple and mauve contrasting with bright ochre colours.

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Colour that furnishes is therefore the leitmotif for autumn 2022, a true complement that provides light, but without taking away attention. From beiges to pinks, desaturated tones to brighter colours such as burgundy and tile, softness becomes a must in furnishing our spaces, conferring elegance and tranquillity in any space.
In addition to the rediscovery of soft colours and contrasts, the design of the furnishing objects also mixes rounded, sinuous lines with rigorous materials such as metal and glass, creating a play of opposites in shapes as well as colours.

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Outdoor comfy chic

Bioclimatic pergolas and Pergotenda® models welcome the new autumn mood and accommodate us in a new dimension of comfort where we can sip a cup of tea, read a good book, or simply enjoy the view. It is precisely here that the Comfy Chic trend finds its highest expression, reinforced by the adoption of certain stylistic devices that further emphasise the warm and welcoming nature that this season brings us.

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Lightness of nuance, but also of form: for a comfortable and attractive outdoor area. The ideal solution is a compromise between colour and material, where saturation, brightness and tone structure are essential to define the comfy atmosphere.
Contrasting colour blocks and soft tones that enhance the warm light and soft atmospheres of autumn. These are therefore the fundamental elements for defining a Comfy Chic mood and creating an outdoor space that echoes the style chosen for our home.
In addition to the colours of the fabrics and objects, the lighting also contributes to warming up the ambience even more. By means of mood lighting, candles and lanterns it will be possible to enhance the elegance of the garden in autumn.  Whatever your outdoor space, it will be important to establish the right balance to create continuity and the right atmosphere to welcome in the coming season.


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