Imagination and substance for a high-performance pergola.

Imagination and substance for a high-performance pergola.
Alba is the Corradi bioclimatic that gives the outdoor environment a unique comfort. Its clean design is accentuated by the recently redesigned corner casing and allows it to adapt to traditional as well as modern or contemporary architectural styles.

Entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, Alba features an elegant and minimalist structure, designed to ensure maximum comfort in all weather conditions. Thanks to its movable cover, characterised by blades that can be adjusted by up to 150°, Alba allows you to regulate the entry of light and wind in a way that allows you to customise your outdoor space according to your needs and create the perfect ambience for any situation.

Unconditional comfort ensures a pleasant experience and a homely ambience. In fact, the opening of the blades ensures natural ventilation and allows the structure to be properly exposed to the sun's rays, creating a thermal barrier if necessary, perfect for the hottest months of the year.

At night, Alba lights up, thanks to the LED light system integrated into the blades with adjustable intensity, colouring the gentle spring evenings with vibrant conviviality or, conversely, soft intimacy. And when the first breeze of the season makes itself felt, simply moderate the opening of the blades and lower the side closure that is supplied with the pergola on request, for even more effective protection from draughts and the weather.

The vertical sliding glass closures, compatible with the Alba model, are ideal for protecting the inside of the pergola and are integrated into the structure without interfering with its understated design. This is the only way to obtain an outdoor space that truly represents creativity and design, customisable in terms of furniture elements, use and even colours. Like every other Corradi Bioclimatic pergola, Alba can be chosen in different colours, from the most traditional to the boldest, creating a custom style that makes it stand out in its surroundings, even in its original two-tone version.


In addition to the functional aspect, Alba also has an important aesthetic component, thanks to its clean, modern-looking design, which allows it to further enhance the outdoor space and blend in perfectly with the surrounding nature.


Alba is the ideal solution for those who love the outdoors without sacrificing the technology and elegance of a visually impressive structure. Discover it!

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