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Alba Butterfly: transforms your outdoors in the blink of an eye

Alba Butterfly: transforms your outdoors in the blink of an eye

26 years after the invention of the Pergotenda®, a new cover with a pantograph folding system has once again revolutionised the world of pergolas. We are proud to present Alba Butterfly, the new Corradi system, previewed in Stuttgart during R+T, which introduces a new state-of-the-art, minimalist, smart and aesthetically unique technology.

Lightweight and elegant, Alba Butterfly features slender 11 x 11 cm pillars and a wide 12.2 x 8.7 cm gutter, ensuring a perfect balance between aesthetics and performance. The innovations incorporated in this new cover allow for rainproofing that is almost six times higher than the limits imposed by EU regulations, thanks to the perimeter gutter and the continuous radius curved tubes. Moreover, the flat canvas along the gutter minimises dripping inside the pergola, ensuring a smooth outdoor experience.

Alba Butterfly's versatility is reflected in its ability to achieve considerable dimensions with a single 4-pillar module, up to 550 x 715 cm. This makes it ideal for catering, hospitality and residential use. The cover can be complemented with all closures from the Corradi range and fitted with LED lighting all around the inside perimeter, providing a unique and customised total look.

On account of its recognisable, elegant design and high performance, Alba Butterfly received the R+T Innovation Award 2024 in the Outdoor category, confirmation of Corradi's leading role in the design of outdoor spaces.

Alba Butterfly represents a new chapter in the evolution of Corradi solutions, offering outstanding design, high performance and endless versatility. Find out more about Alba Butterfly's evolution by visiting the dedicated page on our website. Choose Corradi and transform your outdoor space into an oasis of comfort and style.

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