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The Outdoors according to Corradi

The Outdoors according to Corradi
Planning, dialogue and training: the constant and continuous confrontation between all the protagonists in architecture and design who are involved in the realisation of a building project is increasingly a topic of fundamental reflection.

We talked about this with Stefano Sghedoni, who told us about his experience and views as Head of Sales at Corradi: “Designing the outdoors is complex, and to do it well you need to be aware of the growing importance of outdoor spaces - private and public - and how they affect the daily lives of those who live in them”.
This is how Sghedoni introduces the importance of interaction between outdoor furniture companies, architecture and design studios, local dealers and real estate in the development of each project.
“Over the years, we have created opportunities to bring all these stakeholders together: keeping the dialogue open enhances all those involved and always opens up interesting, innovative scenarios and business opportunities”.

The design of outdoor spaces is therefore not just an aesthetic issue, but a fundamental part of the overall design of a private home or commercial space. As part of the dialogue mentioned above, at Corradi, architects and designers work together to offer customers tailor-made solutions, understanding the importance of integrating the outdoors as a primary part of the overall project.
“For Corradi”, Sghedoni continues, “architects and designers are not just collaborators, but essential partners when it comes to offering highly customised solutions”.


A flexible approach, which is not only limited to collaboration with architectural firms but also extends to local dealers and the real estate sector. Versatility for Corradi is a winning element, especially when combined with the functionality of the design: the solutions developed must not only satisfy aesthetic requirements, but also contribute, in the case of commercial activities, to increased turnover and customer satisfaction.

In the restaurant and hotel industry, the design of outdoor spaces can make all the difference: Sghedoni emphasises how the HoReCa sector is particularly sensitive to this issue, constantly looking for highly adaptable and functional solutions, with a service that goes beyond sales and encompasses the entire product life cycle: “HoReCa has always been a strategic sector for us. Our experience and expertise in this field allow us to offer a range of products designed for the hospitality industry, from design to production, installation and after-sales service at an international level. In this field, service is as crucial as the actual product”.


Within this integrated vision, in which all stakeholders work together, the involvement of dealers is crucial: training, retention and continuous support are the key points for the success of the project.

In this respect, Accademia Corradi offers in-depth training for dealers, Sghedoni emphasises: “specific for dealer-focused meetings to prepare our partners with in-depth and up-to-date information on a wide range of topics, from technical installation to sales techniques [...] we also provide traditional and digital marketing tools, but the most important thing for us is retention: the dealers are our partners. We respect their territory and want to increase our business together with them”.

This is why it is important for Corradi to be able to position itself as a committed partner in the dialogue with architects, designers, local dealers and the real estate sector, where flexibility, functionality and a commitment to training are the pillars of the company philosophy.

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