Alchemy between
Nature and Design

Corradi has been designing and producing personalized and unique outdoor solutions for public and private spaces since 1978. It does so like a skilled alchemist who knows how to work in harmony with nature, transforming an outdoor space into a living space. This is the perfect synthesis of form and essence. This is the Corradi style.

Corradi Pergotenda®, bioclimatic pergolas, shade awnings and exterior screens

Innovation, elegance, created in Italy and a desire to amaze are the elements that distinguish the company, whose flagship product is the internationally recognized Pergotenda® which has become a recognizable symbol for design enthusiasts and experts. Now crafted and available in the USA and throughout most of North America.

Corradi Pergotenda®, bioclimatic pergolas, shade awnings and exterior screens

"The purpose of construction is to make things hold together; of architecture to move us", said Le Corbusier. That's why those who choose Corradi seek quality without sacrificing the emotion that comes from perfect harmony between Nature and Design. 

In Corradi's range of Pergotenda® we find all the concreteness of design and technical research together with the passion and pure emotion that every environment must inspire. 

This is how we create spaces for your time and your life, unique products that have been renewed in style and functionality to keep ahead of the times and amaze you by offering an unforgettable experience

Technical knowledge, selection of the best materials and cutting edge design are the skills we offer to enhance every outdoor space, taking advantage of all potential and features, in harmony with the surrounding environment but also with those who live there.

This is why Corradi products are unique and inimitable, just like your outdoor space. Just like you.

The outdoors as a living space

Corradi is an internationally recognized brand of outdoor furnishings: screens, awnings, bioclimatic pergolas and Pergotendas® made to measure like in artisanal workshops, for outdoor spaces to be enjoyed all year round.

The outdoors as a living space

In 2015 the company became part of the Belgian Renson group, a world leader in ventilation. Corradi USA also joined in 2018, making the partnership complete.This opened up new opportunities for Italian design to enter international markets without changing its objective of transforming outdoor space – any outdoor space – into a living space. 

Attention to detail and cutting-edge design? Global market and maximum personalization? The answer is Corradi. A brand where quality and innovation are not only foundational values but also an expression of unique and original products Made in Italy, offering space to time spent outdoors, every day of the year, all around the world.

This is the Corradi experience, an adventure that began in Bologna in 1978 as a small local manufacturer of awnings that grew over the years until 1998 when it invented and patented the Pergotenda®, originally created as a pergola and shortly thereafter the focus of the company's core business, being offered to the market through a network of exclusive points of sale.

Today Corradi is a great Italian exterior design brand celebrating 40 years of business with a new headquarters, new technologies, new products and a renewed interest in design of the future, without losing touch with its roots and that artisanal and personalised expertise that has always distinguished its products and the search for new trends.

Pergotenda®, Bioclimatics, Shade Awnings, Exterior Screens and harmonic accessories: 

Corradi provides space for your time so you have more space for your life.

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Pergotenda®: much more than a cover

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