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Outdoor spaces to be fully enjoyed

Corradi has been designing and creating solutions for outdoor living for almost 50 years. Not just shading systems, but spaces to live in that are capable of combining functionality and beauty, durability and elegance, an Italian design and lifestyle that is now available in North America.
An adventure that began in Bologna in 1978 as a small local manufacturer of awnings grew over the years until 1998 when it invented and patented the Pergotenda®, originally created as a pergola and shortly thereafter the focus of the company's core business.
Today, Corradi is an innovative outdoor shading manufacturer,  celebrating decades of business with new headquarters, new technologies, new products and a renewed interest in designs of the future, without losing touch of its Italian roots.
Our winning formula? The ability to interpret needs and anticipate trends, with a look that is always attentive to luxury in order to achieve the ambitious goal of giving space to time every day of the year. An identity also made up of people—women, men, designers, engineers, managers, workers, employees—who work with dedication, skill and passion to carry on the story of a company that has been able to transform the outdoors into a space to be fully enjoyed.


Innovation is a capacity for renewal, but also the introduction of new systems and processes. Innovation is modernization and a curious, attentive and unconventional focus on the future.

This is how new materials and mechanisms are developed, continually improving product performance. This is how new patents are filed, how partnerships with numerous national and international research organizations are established and how architectural competitions for young designers are organized to identify new international talent and discern the trends of a constantly evolving market.


Elegant, simple, never commonplace. This is the Corradi style. An unmistakable look is one of the strong points that has always distinguished the brand and that has its roots in the culture of tailored craftsmanship Made in Italy. Passion for unconventional solutions and attention to details like lighting, closures and accessories are just a few of the secret ingredients that make it possible to create such unique spaces to spend your time in.


When a space engages, stimulates and amazes, emotion is generated.

The play of light and shadow, remote control operation, clean lines: some distinctive elements of Corradi solutions that create special atmospheres and contribute to establishing an intimate relationship between the environment and those who enjoy it.

We want to offer unexpected solutions, personal and customizable spaces that inspire stories, culture and dreams.

We want to excite and create a unique and precious experience. Like your time. Like Corradi.

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