Exterior Screens

Enjoy your surroundings with the protection and ease of Corradi USA’s outdoor solar shade systems.

Create relief from the blinding sun and protect yourself and others from harmful UV rays without blocking your view of the landscape. Block up to 97% of the sun's heat by installing a screen on the outside of your building—of which not only improves the comfort of inhabitants inside, but significantly reduces the need for energy expenditure on air conditioning. Increase privacy and block annoying insects from your outdoor area. Corradi’s versatile drop shade systems are ideal for all types of exterior commercial and residential applications including offices, restaurants, hotels or your own home patio, solving virtually every outdoor solar protection need.

Manual or motorized, wide variations of fabric opacity, high quality brand solar fabrics, and a sophisticated collection of frame colors are the perfect ingredients for the right solar screen fit.

Summit Exterior Screens


Our benchmark screen design offered in a round or square cassette.

Harbor Exterior Screens


Larger cassette system with a curved front.

Vista Exterior Screens


Open roll screen - no cassette.

Horizon Exterior Screens


360° mounting & bottom-up operation.

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