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What is Step Up

“Step Up” is the new online software for managing leads that Corradi collects for you. The system is integrated into Ask Corradi and was designed to send you all the leads generated by Corradi activities and to manage them effectively.

Who can use Step Up

The system is available to all Corradi Customers with access to Ask Corradi.
Corradi Customer Service and Sales areas can also access the system.
Users will be able to view and manage the leads they are responsible for or that are assigned to them.

How it works

The logic behind Step Up is simple: Corradi generates leads through its communications activities and sends them to you, so you have an opportunity to turn them into sales.
It’s important for us to assess the performance of leads, and for this reason the following process is crucial:
  1. Corradi assigns a lead to you that comes from your area.
    When this happens you'll receive an email notification.
  1. When you log into the system you can accept the lead or send it back to us.
    Whenever you are assigned a new contact, you have a maximum of two days to accept or refuse the lead. If no action is taken within this time, the system withdraws the assignment and automatically returns the lead to Corradi. This is because contact requests can never be left unfulfilled and because those who make a request expect to be contacted again in a very short time. Generally, those looking for information online contact multiple companies in the same sector, making a speedy response a critical factor of success.
  1. Once you have accepted the lead, you can keep Corradi and your sales contact informed through this same system.
Within Step Up you can exchange messages with Corradi and your agent.
  1. Once you've followed up on the lead you must send feedback to Corradi on the outcome: “order acquired” or “order lost”.
If the lead generated a sale, please provide us with the corresponding order confirmation number. If on the other hand the lead did not generate a sale, you’ll need to explain why.



Below are the instructions for Step Up’s main functions.

Home page

On Step Up’s home page you’ll find:
  • The list of leads assigned to you, in order of arrival. You can sort them as you like by clicking on each column heading.

    For each lead you’ll see the following information:
    • Lead: full name of the assigned contact.
    • Status: the status of each lead. “Pending” if you haven’t accepted the lead yet, “Accepted” if you have already accepted it, “Order acquired” or “Order lost” if the lead concluded positively or negatively.
    • Assigned on: the date that Corradi assigned you the lead.
    • Time remaining: the time left to accept or reject a lead before the system automatically returns it to Corradi, thus becoming unusable for you. If the lead returns back to Corradi, you will no longer be able to access their data or contact them later.
    • Messages icon: found next to the name of some leads telling you that there are new messages, which you can read by clicking on the lead details tab.
    • Details icon: found to the left of each lead. Click on it to view the lead details.
  • Lead summary: the total number of leads assigned, accepted or yet to be accepted.
  • Search bar: to find leads faster.

Lead details

You can view the lead details by clicking the eye icon to the left of each lead.
On the details page you’ll see:
  • Creation date, date you were assigned the lead, lead status, remaining time and button to return to the home page. This information can be found at the top of the page.
  • Lead information: Name, surname, type (private, business, designer), address and city, product of interest and request made by the contact.
    The email address and phone number to contact the lead will only be visible after you have accepted it by clicking on the button provided.
  • Depending on the lead’s status, several buttons will be available to you:
  • “Accept” and “Reject” the lead.
To contact the lead you must first click on “Accept”. If you are not able to manage the lead, you can click “Reject”. A form will open where we ask you to give the reason for your decision. This will help us to better profile leads in the future.
  • Once you’ve accepted the lead, two other buttons will be available to you on the details page: “Order acquired” and “Order lost”.
    Once the lead has decided to purchase a Corradi solution and you have signed the order confirmation, you can click the “Order acquired” button. A screen will appear asking you to enter the order confirmation number you received from Corradi. If instead the lead decides not to proceed with the purchase, you'll need to mark the contact as “Order lost”. In this case you’ll have to specify the reasons why the sale wasn’t concluded successfully. Again, this will help us to improve the lead conversion rate going forward.
  • Message board: in this section, located at the bottom of the lead details, you’ll find all the messages about the lead sent by Corradi and your sales contact.
    You can also use the message board to write a message to Corradi, sending updates on appointments and any progress.




How do I access Step Up?

You can access Step Up by logging in to Ask Corradi, then click the Step Up link in the Services section.

Where do I receive alerts when I’m assigned a lead?

Lead assignment alerts are sent to the address associated with your Ask Corradi account. If you’re not sure of the address or if you want to change it, you can write to

I got a new lead but I can't find the contact information. Where is it?

To see the contact details of a lead you must first agree to accept it by clicking on the “Accept” button. After this step, the email and phone number fields will become visible on the lead details page and you can then start getting in touch with them.

I received an email notifying me of a new lead, but when I log in to the system the contact is not present. What happened?

If you no longer find a lead in your dashboard, Corradi may have taken it back. This happens if you reject the lead or if you don’t take any action within two days of receiving the alert.

I accidentally accepted a lead I can't manage. What should I do?

If you accept a lead by mistake, please promptly let us know by writing a message in the message board on the lead details page.

I accidentally rejected a lead that I wanted to accept.
What should I do?

If you reject a lead by mistake, please promptly let us know by writing a message in the message board on the lead details page.

I looked at the Step Up page but I don't see any leads. Why not?

This could be because we haven’t yet received any requests from your specific area. Corradi will continue to develop as many initiatives as possible to ensure that lead generation is effective in all territories.
If you didn’t find the answer you were looking for, please send a message to
The Step Up Team

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