Relaxation at first sight: comfort, design and practicality.

Relaxation at first sight: comfort, design and practicality.
A relaxing view can affect the well-being of those who inhabit the space and have a direct effect on our emotions.
"Over the course of human evolution, we have spent more than 99% of our development in natural environments; we have lived amid nature and our bodies have adapted to that nature", says Yoshifumi Miyazaki, professor of landscape architecture at the University of Chiba, Japan.
Despite this, according to a UN study, more than 50% of the world's population now lives in urbanised areas, where they certainly encounter better living conditions and comfort at the expense of contact with the relaxing greenery of a pleasant, unspoilt space. Everyday life constantly subjects us to an excess of stimuli, light and noise, requiring an effort to adapt to often stressful rhythms; thus, to make the city more welcoming and healthy, the study of modern urban architecture aims at increasingly conciliatory solutions towards green spaces and privileged views of areas filled with nature, which are good for the body and soul.

The importance of the landscape

"We live in an impatient world that no longer understands the importance of time. Enjoying a panorama, in silence, listening to the sound of nature alone, is a marvellous way to reclaim this forgotten value", Anna Zegna, President of the Zegna Foundation, reminds us. This is why we base our culture on the alchemy between human beings and nature, and why we have always paid great attention to the search for solutions that can act as a bridge between people and the landscape in which they live.


More often than not, the concept of a holiday is equated with relaxation and rest. In fact, the latest travel trends are pushing us more and more towards places surrounded by nature, overlooking waterfronts or breathtaking valleys, where we can regenerate our gaze and lose ourselves in the view. At the seaside or in the mountains, the view is an essential component of outdoor design, because that very view is part of the conceptual design and creation of a space in which to live better. This is why we welcome pergolas or bioclimatic roofs, which fulfil the dual function of protecting us in a comfortable and well-equipped environment and enveloping us in nature.

Outdoors with a view

The idea is to create a comfortable microclimate in which you can spend quality time, where technology supports you by providing all the comforts you need to make a space dedicated to your well-being.


In this way, a bioclimatic pergola can become a lounge area, or an office, but also simply a vantage point in a house or accommodation facilities. A pergola will be the connecting point between our space and the outdoors, where we can relax and let our gaze wander towards a peaceful and breathtaking horizon.
It is scientifically proven that observing natural colourful landscapes, such as the green of plants or the blue of the sea, brings significant benefits in terms of well-being, reduced anxiety and increased relaxation. So, whether on holiday or in everyday life, let's learn to allow ourselves a few moments of tranquillity, remember to observe the nature around us and imagine ourselves reaching out to it by gazing at relaxing places.

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