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Let the show begin

Let the show begin
From 30 August to 9 September, Corradi will once again be at the Venice Lido, ready to welcome personalities from all over the world: international casts, journalists, and design and architecture professionals.
The Venice International Film Festival celebrates its 80th edition and Corradi could not miss this event. Once again, the Italian company will offer its expertise in elegance and outdoor design to create the Corradi Cinema Lounge, which hosts journalists, casts and production teams from all over the world.
The unmistakable Corradi style characterises the suggestive Art Nouveau déhors of the Hotel Ausonia Hungaria, overlooking the Granviale Santa Maria Elisabetta on the Venice Lido, a point of convergence between the world of cinema and the excellence of Italian design, thanks to the Defense and Maestrale sun sails.
Ten days of world premières, with established celebrities and new talent. The Venice Film Festival has always been an icon of elegance, internationality and new trends, not only in cinema. The Corradi Cinema Lounge welcomes the stars of this prestigious event, offering them the opportunity to immerse themselves in outdoor design, where tradition, elegance and technology come together in harmony.
“Corradi's decision to participate in the Venice Film Festival has always been dictated by a natural convergence between the values of our company and what has always guided the Lido kermesse: innovation, creativity, excellence and new forms of communication. The worlds of film and design come from a common root, namely the desire to create new perspectives” stated Stefano Sghedoni, Corradi Commercial Director, concluding that “This year, we chose the motto ‘Let the show begin’, an evocative expression that fills the heart and eyes with expectation, the same emotion that anticipates a revelation. In Venice, we want to capture this feeling, creating a unique and immersive experience that embraces the world of Corradi outdoor design and art-house cinema”.

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