Corradi at ArchiLIVE: an innovative concept on materials and products

Corradi at ArchiLIVE: an innovative concept on materials and products

Born from the collaboration between L’Arca International and the Créad Institute of Lyon - a benchmark for the training and the improvement of architects, designers and decorators - the innovative concept that will be open to the specialized public from October 19th and for six months, in the premises of the institute.

A new place for confrontation and culture, focused on materials and products, which are essential for every design choice.

In the heart of the second largest French industrial district, the ArchiLIVE format provides open-field studies and co-working activities for architects and companies, round tables and meetings. Everything is meant to develop a dialogue, promoted for over 45 years by the architecture school with industry professionals, in order to give space to concrete business opportunities. A space thought as an “innovathèque” then, set up by first-class partner companies, including Corradi, called to represent the world of outdoors.

Pergotenda® Maestro and Defense Sun Sail will bring the attention to quality, details and customization which distinguish Corradi's solutions. The monthly meetings dedicated to students, architects and professionals will be the occasion to emphasize the Corradi approach and its vocation to the project culture, led by the search for functionality and aesthetics, which makes it a privileged partner, from the early stages, for architects and design studios.

Kick off of archiLIVE on October 19th, at 18:30, at Rue Paul Bert 232 - Lyon


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