New Year. New outdoors

New Year. New outdoors
The year 2023 opens the door wide to a new trend, a synthesis of further styles that in the past months have winked at minimalism, natural materials, and feeling good in the domestic space: as temples of wellbeing, houses become places to enjoy everyday life as well as to plan the future.
Amidst this new trend aimed at sustainable living as well as attending to the need for space and comfort, the outdoors is one of the protagonists, defining the architectural and functional features of one's home.



With the evolution of simplicity into a concept of naturalness, minimalist design is no longer associated with bare spaces. Instead, it is synonymous with a cosy and open environment, where materials, furnishings and accessories create a serene and contemporary atmosphere.
It is therefore possible for a set of seats made of natural materials to enhance the essential lines of Imago ®, where you will be able to relax and lose yourself within the cosy lines of the landscape.

Interior garden

We have spoken many times about the combination of green and domestic space. However, the new trend for 2023 emphasises the importance of green elements in the home as a whole, resulting in indoor gardens, or domestic greenhouses where you can grow your own vegetable garden. Essentially, this is a garden incorporated into your home's interior design rather than just an extension of it.
Here, balconies and terraces become home, thanks to solutions such as pergolas and sun sails, which allow users to transform domestic spaces into “interior gardens”.


Decluttering e funzionalità

“Everything in its place” is a trend that we have inherited from the past and that is now increasingly becoming the focus of our homes and outdoor spaces. Choosing furnishings that maximise space is an important theme, especially when there is not a lot of it. The outdoor space has evolved into a place where we not only spend our free time during the warm season (when milder temperatures allow us to engage in a number of outdoor activities), but, thanks to innovative solutions such as Closures and Complements, it has also become liveable throughout the year. In fact, in some instances, it serves as a workspace, kitchen, living area, gym, and much more.


Total Wellness

A place of peace, haven from daily chaos, and personal nest: surrounded by comfort, colours, lights but also natural, simple, and fascinating atmospheres, the outdoor space of our homes has increasingly become an oasis of tranquillity and relax.
It is possible for our home's outdoor space to be natural, unique, engaging, and relaxing in 2023. A reassuring and aesthetically pleasing refuge, like any domestic environment, should be enjoyed fully and be transformed into whatever we desire, tailored to our personal needs.


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