The sky as a ceiling and greenery all around: live the Nature Experience with Pergotenda®, Bioclimatic pergolas and Sun Sails.

The sky as a ceiling and greenery all around: live the Nature Experience with Pergotenda®, Bioclimatic pergolas and Sun Sails.
One of the most popular themes in architecture is using the element of nature as an important component of good living, and when it comes to designing outdoor space, the need for connection with the outdoors becomes a key factor in our physical and mental well-being.
The experience of nature, when we talk about architecture, also concerns private green spaces. Gardens, balconies, terraces, can be equipped with natural elements, which are inserted into the architectural structures to best complement the aesthetic and practical functions that are so important in creating a comfortable space.
Essential style and state-of-the-art technology coexist and mingle in harmonious spaces, where nature silently enters the scene, generating beauty and promoting absolute well-being in contact with the open air.
It is in these spaces, where the interior interacts with the exterior, where hybrid places are created in which the nature experience finds its highest expression, enriched and enhanced by the aesthetics of our structures that are, according to need, Pergotenda®, Bioclimatic pergolas and Sun sails.


Water and nature at the dOT in Milan

It is precisely the Nature Experience that will be discussed at the dOT in Milan during the forthcoming Fuori Salone 2022. We will be among the protagonists at this event held during the Milan Design Week, in fact, among the many topics discussed will be the importance of being able to experience the outdoors in the beauty of nature.
Water will be the fil rouge of the kermesse, an essential element of life, but also a point of union of spaces and a bridge of communication between places. This concept will bring attention to the experience of greenery as an integral part of the design of an outdoor setting, with a focus on how the addition of natural elements can complement and enhance the environment.
The open space as a container of nourishment, well-being, re-birth, therefore, but also a place of technological comfort, equipped to be experienced at its best. Based on this reflection, our solutions also fit into this context. Highly technological and aesthetically minimalist, they are perfect for being immersed and surrounded by nature.


Inclusive minimalism

Clean lines, customised colours and a wealth of technology: these are Corradi's strengths. Each solution is designed to be a meeting point between the surrounding environment and its inhabitants, bringing the original energy of each outdoor space to life to make it habitable and usable.
Aluminium and stainless-steel structures, strong and essential lines, an expression of technological innovation and modern architecture, for a design destined to stand the test of time: all our Pergotenda® Pergolas represent the ultimate customisation of an outdoor space, always in complete fusion with the landscape in which they are set.
A space can become whatever you want it to be, especially if the starting point is an aesthetically balanced and technologically advanced structure. This is the case with Imago®, a Corradi design originating from an unprecedented vision of the outdoors with respect to its use. It is here that the outdoors becomes a place to live outside the home, conceived as an experience of nature, without renouncing all the comforts of technology designed to create a comfortable, pleasant microclimate.
Among the smartest models in the Corradi range, the Defense sun sail has a light and unassuming design, perfect for blending in with its surroundings and making the nature experience both immersive and functional.


Natural living

Often, the decision not to go overboard with disproportionate architecture and oversized furnishings in the management of outdoor space is dictated by a desire not to encroach on the surrounding environment, detracting from its natural beauty. 
The available space can determine the choice of structure that will make our environment a place of wellness experiences, where we can relax and spend quality time, naturally. One can live au naturel even in one's own home, rethinking the outdoor space through a choice of materials with harmonious nuances, technologically high-performance, with an elegant design, an excellent ally to make the surrounding landscape stand out and make our experience truly immersive. 


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