Welcome to the jungle, welcome home.

Welcome to the jungle, welcome home.
We thought it would never arrive, but summer has surprised us with very hot temperatures since the end of June, bringing forward those pleasant days outside by several weeks.
The feeling that the holidays have arrived is in the air, and many people are eagerly awaiting the start of the outdoor season - the ideal place to set up a relaxing corner, surrounded by greenery and with all the comforts of home.
And the more nature there is, the more you'll feel like you're on a tropical island, surrounded by verdant jungles and all the comforts of a resort on your doorstep.

Our own personal jungle

Thanks to a new culture of home living in which the desire to rediscover contact with nature is increasingly strong, the urban jungle is one of the hottest trends for summer 2021.
We can all decorate our outdoor space by filling it with small shrubs, creepers, aromatic plants and tropical species of all sizes, enriching balconies and terraces and creating a lounge space where we can find refuge and well-being in the shade of a cool, lush garden.


Abundare melius quam deficere

If you love this style, choosing furniture is simple and intuitive: the golden rule is abundance, because in a real jungle the vegetation must be dense and lush. In very large spaces we can abound with plants of different species, creating the harmonious chaos that jungle lovers like, while in smaller spaces or inside a Pergotenda®, we can choose a few, large plants.


Another key issue in green landscaping is exposure to light. Some species, such as those of the Ficus family, need constant exposure to sunlight, while others, such as succulents, need light and attention, but are more resistant. When choosing a plant, it is important to find out what it needs to grow strong and healthy.
Never forget combinations with outdoor structures: for our domestic jungle we will choose awnings, sails, Pergolas and Bioclimatic installations in line with the surrounding environment: essential and minimal structures and materials and a design that favours the passage of light and the right temperature to host our plants and us, in a healthy and comfortable environment.
Once again, technology and nature come together to create new spaces, designed to transform our environment into a place of well-being and beauty. Remote workers, leisure enthusiasts, glampers - many have already moved their everyday space outdoors, recreating that pleasant holiday feeling in their own backyard.
All it takes is a bit of inventiveness and a few accessories to furnish the space with everything we need to work, have fun, cook or simply rest. So even if we continue to dream of exotic faraway places, we can still enjoy a bit of adventure at home, in total relaxation and with all the comforts at hand. 

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