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A Nordic-style chalet, a modern attic, a country farmhouse, a beach house, a city penthouse...

Every kind of home has a soul; every garden or terrace has its priorities: corners to be highlighted, spaces to be preserved, placed to be set aside.


A terrace that becomes a living area, the corner of a garden transformed into a relaxing space, an outdoor area in the city is now a space to be lived-in year-round. A custom-made and innovative solution for every outdoor space

Sail awnings

The Velombra sail awnings are the result of an intense planning operation, which links nautical technology with comfort and design study. They can be completely rolled up in a few seconds thanks to a motorized or manual mechanism

Outdoor furniture

Comfort and elegance even outside the home. Nothing is left to chance. Every detail, even the least obvious, helps build an atmosphere.

Sun awnings

The love for the outdoors.The research of functionality, the loyalty to design.The Corradi’s Outdoor Living enhances with the most traditional product: sun awnings.We wanted them our way, to enrich your world with the whole experience of a Group that wants the best from the outdoor. Just like you do.

Tensile fabric

Tensile fabric structures contribute to enlarge the Corradi offer in the segment of large surface covers, designed made to measure with customized solutions following the needs of a single customer.


Comfort and elegance even outside the home. Nothing is left to chance. Every detail, even the least obvious, helps build an atmosphere.

We shape your business

Shape is a commercial modular system, prefabricated and assembled as a unit on site that can be combined to meet the demands of various business activities. Shape guarantees the same effectiveness, comfort and aesthetics of masonry structures, with the additional incomparable advantage of being removable, quickly installable and modular. Excellence in the performances, contemporary style and high ductility of use for a lasting solution, likely to grow together with your business.   STEEL CORE, STRONG-FEATURED FINISHINGSShape is composed of a structural steel frame, which mounts covering materials that guarantee a high standard of thermal and acoustic insulation.Thermal and acoustic insulation is achieved by means of panels or materials in compliance with current norms and chosen according to the characteristics of the project and the geographical location of Shape.   Shape modules are installed on special self-leveling supports that usually do not need to be anchored. In particular cases, easily removable chemical fasteners are used to anchor the supports to the floor.Externally, Shape is made of coverings such as composite wood slats, ceramics, tempered glass and metal.With anti-breaking glass windows, the Shape modules also introduce armored systems for the security of places.A solid solution, resistant in time and complete of plant design, floorings, false ceilings, lighting devices and split air conditioning units (heating/cooling).interior finishes are customizable and are chosen according to the needs of the different business activities in compliance with the requested sanitary-hygienic characteristics.all Shape materials have been selected to:• Withstand in outdoor spaces for a long time without having to undergo any special maintenance services.• Feature structures in a refined and trendy way, enhancing any business activity.   MODULAR AND COMPOSABLE: BUSINESS- TAILOREDthe principal Shape modules are five, combinable with one another to get the desired configuration and the most appropriate to the type of business: • Hospitality Module (6x3 m)• Business Module (6x3 m)• Lab Module (6x3 m)• Utility Module (3x3 m)• Dehors Module (6x3 m) Additionally a staircase is present if Shape develops on more than one floor (constructed therefore with a walkable surface) and the other products of Corradi collections for a profitable use of the outdoor space: Pergonteda®, sail awnings, athena®, impact® for the motorized upper coverage of Dehors module, ermetika® and sliding glass doors, for the perimeter closings. Each type of module features specific characteristics and plant design.   MULTI-PURPOSEShape is conceived to meet all daily needs of the business activities. Cafes, ice-cream parlors, restaurants, info points, bathing structures, laboratories, stores and services, spaces for inner personnel: every use destination is possible with Shape.   EQUIPPED WITH MADE IN ITALY EXCELLENCEAn integrated and customizable solution in which Corradi avails itself of exceptional partners, for an outstanding turn-key: from the flooring to the sanitary, from the taps and fittings, to the air-conditioning system, till the lighting of indoor spaces (sockets and switches).  


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Latest news

Monday, 12 May 2014

From the 24th to the 28th of April the Sora Design Fair took place, during wich Ombrehello, Authorized Corradi Retailer, presented a space with a very refined and unconventional concept. Ombrehello, in partnership with Aranova and Valerio Garden has revisited the concept of "margin" using it as the key space along the path. Rethinking the classic concept of an outdoor space with city green contemporary topics, gave life to a perfect stage for the outdoor, with spontaneous vegetation, materic flooring and the best of the Corradi selection. A little jewel of design and style in perfect Corradi mood: out of ordinary spaces.  

Friday, 09 May 2014

Bologna, 05.08.2014. On May 8th, 2014 the opening of the new Maserati showroom took place in Quarto Inferiore (Bologna - Italy), thus confirming the return to native land for the famous car manufacturer brand born in Bologna. A garden suddenly appeared on San Donato Street and was the location of the opening night.   Corradi, as official partner of the event, raised, with its sail awnings and outdoor furniture, a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for more than 1200 guests.  

Operation Headquarters: Via G. Brini 39 - 40128 Bologna (BO) 


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