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7 fabrics for a spectacular effect

The use of pergola lighting to complete the environments can have both practical and aesthetic value.

Corradi curtains are decorative and block the sun, allowing you to create new spaces enjoying maximum protection, privacy and beauty. This is why they are also perfect for the contract sector, where often large areas and events require ad hoc solutions: dining rooms, outdoor areas, terraces, gardens and verandas will be able to host and protect the most significant moments, events, anniversaries and, why not, parties, helping to create beautiful memories.

Corradi curtains are made to measure with 100% acrylic fabric for outdoor use: not just a simple curtain or a detail, but rather a true element of comfort. In fact, it is very resistant and has a water-repellent effect. Another reason to choose them? They are easy to clean: by following a few simple steps they will always remain perfect.

With Corradi the curtains become pergola flooring, outdoor areas and terraces that need to be marked off and protected, with practical solutions that never compromise the dramatic effect.
The canvas used to make Corradi curtains is guaranteed for 5 years and is available in seven fabrics in striking shades: white, grey, grey melange, light grey, brown, dark brown and pale gold, for those who love to dare and who appreciate elements with character. It is also possible to request other custom fabrics for maximum personalisation, Corradi's unmistakable signature.

Pergola lighting: beauty and elegance with false ceilings for the outdoors

Designers and architects use false ceilings because they are practical solutions that offer numerous benefits. In particular, indoors they conceal electrical cables and thermally and acoustically insulate the rooms. In addition, they are used to resize rooms with high ceilings and to reduce the effort required to cool and warm them up properly.

A Corradi false ceiling is the ideal solution for outdoor spaces. In fact it allows you to create warm and welcoming environments for when you want to relax, to be further enhanced with the integration of LED lights for evenings with an intimate atmosphere, allowing you to admire nature while remaining protected in a familiar and free environment.

Corradi false ceilings are certified with the CE mark, and, like for the curtains, the fabric is guaranteed for 5 years and is available in classic colours and other fabrics on request.

A Corradi false ceiling creates an elegant draping that enhances outdoor spaces together with pergola lighting to create modern and stylish verandas: urban structures that can be completed with sliding glass patio doors to create comfort areas, annexes for villas at the seaside where you can experience nature and its scents, panoramic terraces with an added personal touch.

With the enclosed pergolas, the lighting, curtains and all the Corradi elements that complete and enclose bioclimatic pergolas and Corradi Pergotendas®, outdoor living becomes a fully engaging experience filled with emotions and possibilities.

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